January 15, 2000
Food, Fun, and a MONKEY!

What's been going on? Not a whole fucking lot. Rodney and I went to a hockey game the other night. That was cool. The Kansas City Blades have cheap tickets for good seats. Plus, there was this chick there, a row down and a few seats to the left... GOOD GOD! She had one of the best asses I have ever seen! I'm over it, I guess, but god damn! Anyway, the Blades won 7-4. Gotta love IHL and CHL hockey, exciting games, high scores, and cheap tickets! Topeka has a CHL team, I think I mentioned that in a previous entry.

So, here I sit at the computer center. It's a nice getaway. I can come here, use these nice, fast, Dell computers, listen to my music and just do whatever. Kind of like a cocoon. At least it's not sitting in my room staring at a candle. Speaking of that, what's up with Ben not wanting to sleep at Megahn's? She finally moves to town after we had to endure him whining about not seeing her and now he's finding excuses. "I don't like her bed, that's why I'm not staying there all the time." Fuck that. As Theryn put it "We slept on the floor when we didn't enjoy the bed!", and we did! Fuck that small bed, spread a blanket on the floor and have a go!

Frogpond is tomorrow night. That should be cool. I haven't been to a show for a band that I really like in a while. The last one I was at was for Ultimate Fakebook, but we didn't actually see them. We saw some emo type band and then the start of the Creature Comforts and got the hell out of there. So this'll be good. I need a punk show, though. Rodney has this documentary called "release" that we watched tonight. It's about the hardcore punk scene, and it made me really really want to go to a show. And now I'm listening to Anti-Flag, and I really really want to tear shit up.

On a lighter note, I have to clean the house tomorrow/today. My mom, step-dad, sister, grandmother and grandfather are coming over for dinner Sunday evening and the place is a wreck right now. Well, frankly, it's always a wreck. I should also hide any sex paraphenalia(sp?), and take down my Playboy calendar. And, oops, I should have taken that video back to Hy-Vee tonight.

Ben and I played the demo version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater last weekend, and went out the next day and bought the damned thing. We've been playing it ever since. It fucking rocks!

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