February 1, 2000

Well shit people. It's February. Thirteen days until my two year anniversary. Two years, man! Wow.

On a different note, Rodney's an alcoholic. Yeah, sure, we all knew that, but that sucks. The party on Friday night, 1/28, was a flop. I was drunk, a couple other people were drinking, and of course Rodney got drunk and ended up face down in his shower, puking. Fun fun fun! Topics of conversation for sober people at the party: stocks and work. That's lame. And like Rodney said, everytime he suggested people get off their asses and move around, possibly even dance, he was met only with blank stares, and stares as if to say "You're interrupting our conversation, you drunken piece of shit". Lame, lame, lame! And then Rodney hit his usual "too drunk to do anything but sit down and cry and hit stuff" point of drunkeness, I was left as the only drunk person having a good time. What kind of party is it where people sit around and talk about stocks and work? A YUPPIE PARTY! Fuck you all! I really, really wish Rodney would learn to control his drinking and stop being such a whiney little bitch when he gets drunk. He used to be a cool drunk, but now he's just a loser alcoholic. I was thinking about it, and I came to the conclusion that when he's drunk, he has to be the center of attention. "They're not paying attention to me! Here, I'll bust my clock-radio! Hey, better yet! I'll chug some gin!". So, overall, the party sucked.

Son Venezuela was at the Jazzhaus Saturday night. Theryn, Jenny, and I went. It was cool. Before that Theryn and I went to Topeka and had dinner at the Olive Garden with her family. That's some damned good food! I get paid Friday, we should go.

Short entry, but at least it's new.

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