March 4, 2000
Wherever I go, wherever I stay...

I downloaded the new Goldfinger album. It fucking rocks. As Rodney says, "It's got no horns!". It's very much a return to the "Self-titled" style of Goldfinger. I asked Rodney the other day if he had to pick what his favorite Goldfinger album, what would it be? He said Self-titled but Stomping Grounds would be a close second. I agreed with him, but after he left I popped in Hang-ups and god damn if that isn't a good album. I don't think "what's your favorite Goldfinger album?" is a fair question to ask a true Goldfinger fan. Goldfinger can't write a bad song. I have no favorite, I like them all.

The reason I don't update this page more often, I think, is that anything I put here, I'm probably going to tell, in person, to the people that read it anyway. I'll try harder, I guess, since Rodney wants me to.

Looks like I won't be going to St. Louis this year to see Robbie race and to see Jamie. Instead I'll be going to a wedding reception in Dodge City with Theryn. While I'm happy to go with her and meet her family, I'd really like to go to the motocross in St. Louis. And even though I technically have been planning on going to St. Louis since the one last year, I did agree to go with Theryn. I'll probably end up having a good time down there, and plus, it'll make me look good to her family. I guess I should make nice with the soon to be in-laws.

Speaking of St. Louis, the Bilikins are on t.v. right now, losing to Cincinnati.

I just got back from driving out west of town with Mia and Rodney and trying to get Mia to learn to drive in Rodney's car. It didn't work and Rodney dropped me off here at home. They're probably fighting and then they'll probably have make up sex and everything will be okay again tomorrow.

Hey, look at that - the birds love the bread that Rodney threw on the ground during our cook-out today. That Rodney - he's an animal lover.

And look at that - UCLA upseat Stanford by one point. Fun fun.

I'm thinking about taking some time off of school. I haven't come to any decisions, but for the moment I don't think school is the thing for me right now. I actually kind of want to work during the day and then have my nights be my nights... not have to come home and worry about if I have homework or a test. As Rodney puts it "It'll be cool to live together and work during the day and then go out every night and get drunk.". Oh yeah, for those of you who read this that don't know (hell, stranger things than someone besides my friends reading this have happened), Rodney, Ben, Theryn, and I are all going to get a place together in August. We're thinking it'll be at Quail Creek, which is about three blocks north of where we're living right now. It'll work out well for Ben, since his work would be within walking distance... not that he'd walk to work.

You know something that bothers me? I don't know why, it just does - when people write "dollars" on the 'dollars' line of their checks. There's already a "dollars" at the end of the line... so by writing another one you're saying it's "five dollars and 00/100 dollars". Welcome to the department of redundancy department. It's just not necessary.

And what's with people cutting me off in traffic lately? Have people decided to stop looking behind them before they change lanes? It's happened like five times in the last week.

Well, how's that for an update?

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