March 8, 2000
Still missing the old Lazer.

So, here I sit at Ben's new computer updating because Rodney told me to. This is a nice computer. I want a new computer, like, a lot. I also want a new car or to have my old car fixed. Speaking of that, for some reason yesterday in my philosophy class, instead of paying attention, I day dreamed about what it would be like if I won millions of dollars in the lottery. I've always said, and realized today that I truly do mean, that if I won millions I would keep my car. I would take it to a shop or a dealer and pay to have everything but the body ripped out and replaced. It would be my car, but it'd be a new car under the hood. New tires, perhaps even a paint job and a fixing of the rust spots. I love my car. I would probably buy another car, just because I could and because I've always wanted a Mustang. My dream car is a mint condition 1964 1/2 Mustang, black with red leather interior. Mmmm...

And I was thinking about what else I'd do with all that money. I would, of course, invest a large part of it so that I could live off the interest. This is assuming I won in the tens of millions. Anyway, after investing, and once I got a large sum of it into my possession, I would buy the best computer I could. And then... hmmm. That's a tough one - would I rent a really nice place for me and Theryn to live, or would I buy our first house? I don't know if I'd be ready to be a homeowner. Well, we'd live in a nice place either way. And I buy her a car. And buy my mom a car, and my sister. I'd buy my mother a house... I think I'd owe that to her, that and more. How does one fully repay a parent? Plus, I'd shower my friends with gifts - especially Rodney. Shit, that boy wouldn't have to work another day in his life! It'd be me, Theryn, and Rodney - livin' the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Oh, I guess I'd let Ben in on it a little too, but not too much.

Sean let me into his ftp site containing all of his mp3's. It fucking rules. He has so many of the songs our old Lazer used to play before it changed to top 40 last fall. He has shit I associate with the Lazer from when I started listening to it back in '94! I'm making my own little collection and it's just like listening to the old Lazer, minus the station breaks and commercials. I miss the old DJs, they were cool.

Next week is going to be a hectic one for me. I have all kinds of crazy tests and papers due. So, you'd think I'd use this non-busy week to do work for the upcoming busy week. That's what you'd think, but knowing me, I'll procrastinate as I always do and then do a half-ass, piss-poor job and not get a very good grade. I'm tempted to just say "fuck it", but I need to get on it and finish the semester strong. I have to do well this semester, because I don't know... maybe by the end of it I'll want to stay in school. I know I'll want to have the option, anyway.

Only twenty more days until the new Goldfinger album!

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