May 11, 2000
Oh, the drama!

I just want to say one thing: Have you ever heard the saying, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem"?

Theryn and I really need to sit down this weekend and plan out our England trip. We fly out of the country in 13 days and we haven't done one lick of planning. I just called the National Passport Information Center and my passport is still being processed in Houston. We leave the 24th, so I just told them to expedite it, which means I'm paying extra and it will arrive in about a week. I think what I'm most excited about on our trip is a)I'm going to ENGLAND! and b)I'm probably going to get to see GUTTERMOUTH in ENGLAND!!!!!!! Sorry, I don't mean to rub that in, but GUTTERMOUTH IN ENGLAND!!! HA HA!

After dinner last night Theryn and I did the dishes by hand rather than using the pretty much worthless dishwasher. Not only that, but we took all the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher and washed them too. Now we actually have clean dishes! It's amazing! I know it's not hard to clean, since I did it last night - kitchen and then I cleaned the living room including vacuuming - but I'm lazy. I admit it - I'm lazy. However, I do know how to clean, and when I do it, I do it right. I dry the dishes so they don't stick together and mold. I look at them closely before I put them away and I don't put them away if they're dirty. I go through all the papers on the tables and don't throw away anything that doesn't have my name on it. I wipe down the coffee table. And Rodney is right, it pisses me off to no end when there are empty ice trays in the freezer - or sitting out like they were a few nights ago. It's putting water into a tray and putting it in the freezer - not rocket science. Ah, roommates.

It's hard to believe Goldfinger is in a week and a week and two days. These two show kind of snuck up on us. GOLDFINGER!!!!!!!!

I guess since everyone else is doing it, I will too. It's going to be kick ass living with Rodney. Fuck all the cleaning bullshit - we'll be realizing a dream that we've had since we graduated high school. And instead of calling him to see what's up, I'll be able to just go upstairs. And how fucked up will it be that last month and a half that Theryn and I are married and still living with Rodney and Ben? Dude...

My first final is tomorrow, so I suppose I should spend tonight studying. That doesn't necessarily mean I will. Good thing there's no hockey on until Saturday.

Oh, I almost forgot. Theryn went to Hy-Vee last night around midnight and when she came back she was all shaken up. It turns out that she thinks she killed a bunny. It was in the road and didn't move until she swerved and then it moved - in the same direction that she swerved. She yelped and didn't feel or hear a thump but she swears she heard the bunny scream. I drove the same route today and didn't see a dead bunny, so she either didn't hit it or just injured it. She was worried and saying stuff like "What if it had little baby bunnies? Or a husband bunny?". I tried to convince her that it was a single bunny, and that if she killed it that God and the bunnies of the world realize it was an accident and they're not mad. The funny/ironic thing is that at the store she bought ice cream - and it had little chocolate bunnies in it and was called "bunny tracks" or something. I had to try to not laugh.

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