May 16, 2000
"... it's the same damn song you've heard a thousand times."

I had another fucked up tornado dream last night... actually, it was after Theryn left this morning. Okay, so I'm at home, getting ready to go to class. The sliding glass door is open and so is the front door and it's a nice, bright, sunny day. Then these two firemen come to the door and I watch them walk up in their full fire-fighting gear, and they start to inspect the handle of the door that goes from the garage to the house. I ask them what's up and they ask if I've looked at the clouds in the south. I tell them I haven't and look out the door and see some ominous looking clouds, but then I realize that our door faces east. I turn to the south and off in the distance is this horrible looking storm. It looked like... like Satan was rising from hell and he was coming our way. If you've seen Independence Day, imagine the look of the alien ships entering the atmosphere times a thousand. It was horrible. At that point I freaked out. I remember there being some general come-look-at-this bullshit and it felt like everyone stopped worrying about it. Then I looked again and it was really close and four tornados had touched down and they were heading for us. I freaked out again and was trying to get everyone into the basement, which was weird because we don't have one... when I realize that I'm at my mother's house and the whole family is there. Everyone sees the tornados and agrees that heading for the basement would be a good idea. I ripped something off the wall exposing a passage type thing, but it was just big enough to squeeze into and there was a ladder. I climbed down and was in the basement, and then the stupidity of that move dawned on me and I walked over to the real stairs and helped people down into the basement. I think I said "Take everyone else around to the stairs!". In a movie-like ending, I was suddenly seeing south park... but I was seeing it from above like I was flying and as I pass over it, a time lapse type movie effect happens and the view pans down to the north towards downtown and everything is in rubble. And that's when I woke up. I woke up thinking "Boy, that was a lame way to end that."

Bagels with cream cheese are good.

Goldfinger is tomorrow! And we don't have to drive anywhere for it! Goldfinger is coming to here! I don't think I've hit it yet, and I hope I don't until after my final and work tomorrow, but I'm close to hitting my OH-MY-GOD-WE'RE-GOING-TO-SEE-GOLDFINGER stage.

Avalanche in 5... I hope.

I wonder how much new stuff Goldfinger will play. I mean, they are touring on their new album. I guess I should wonder how much old stuff they're going to play. And I wonder if they'll do a G 'n' R cover like everyone is saying they do at other shows. Should I take pictures here or in Omaha? It worked out pretty well last time, tearing shit up here and taking pictures in St. Louis. Enh, I don't know. I'll figure it out.

Oh, yeah, Rodney's party. It was pretty fucking cool. I got really drunk. Julie, Jeremy, Jenny, but no Jacque. Trevor's really weird. Julie might live with us for the last two months of our lease! Woo! Boy, this is random. Rodney's party was cool. He made drinks for everyone so he didn't have a chance to drink too much and become all whiney and bitchy. I got to talk to Jill for a long time, which was cool. She's really cool. She also reminds me of Tara, who I've been thinking about a lot lately and miss. I wonder where she is and what she's doing. It's so weird that you can see someone almost every day for a long time and then just like that - they're gone. Sad too.

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