May 17, 2000
Eight is Great!

I'm so stoked! Goldfinger is tonight! Goldfinger is in town right now!!!! After I get off work in about two hours Rodney and I are going to downtown and get something to eat and then prowl around the Granada in hopes of catching up with the guys. Yes, we're going to stalk Goldfinger. We're groupies, we can't help it. I mean, the other night I was lying in bed and couldn't go to sleep because I kept thinking about how cool it would be if we found them and talked to them and showed them our tattoos and then we took them to lunch at like Rudy's or somewhere and they were all "you guys rock" and gave us backstage passes and we hung out with them after the show and we told them we were going to see them in Omaha too and they'd be all "oh really? cool! here are some passes for that show too!" and we be hanging out with Goldfinger and then the next time they came through town we'd hang out with them again and it'd be really cool and we'd be those guys who everyone hears about but no one really knows - you know, the guys who know the band and everyone's jealous of them. Yeah, that'd be cool.

I took my Philosophy final this morning. I didn't study enough. Hopefully my bullshit-o-meter was running high enough to get me a decent grade.

People need to learn that what other people say on their web pages are merely their opinion, and to not take it so god damned seriously. Anyone can put pretty much anything on the internet - that's the beauty of it. Free speech. If you don't like what someone has to say on their webpage, well isn't that just too bad? It's their webpage. Get mad, break something, and get over it. And though I've been guilty of it in the past, this "battle of the webpages" is just about the most idiotic thing I've seen in a great while.

So, Julie isn't going to live with us. *sigh*

My mind is numb. GOLDFINGER!

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