May 18, 2000
Eight Was Great!

I'm so sore! Goldfinger and Showoff - their performances were amazing! The crowd sucked big, hairy monkey balls. I hate pits with a bunch of people who think it's cool to just run around and basically try to tackle people. There was this one fucking guy... aw, fuck it - he's not worth the time. Anyway, Showoff's performance was the best I've ever seen - of them. This was the third time we've seen them and it was awesome. Then Goldfinger took the stage and once again put on a kick ass show. The pit was really rough so I didn't get to fully see the band, so in Omaha tomorrow I'm going to somehow work it so that I'm close enough to see the band and take pictures, but not so close that I'm getting beat up in the pit again. Oh yeah, and John was all "We love Lawrence man. We played the Bottleneck the last time we were here. When was that? Three years? It's been three years? Okay, everybody say 'You guys are dicks!'". It was cool.

I work 'til five today, but I don't have to come in tomorrow so I'll be able to sleep in and be ready for the drive and the show tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the drive, but especially the drive back, but I'm willing to do it for Goldfinger!

Man, watching the trees outside the windows in my office blow in the wind is hypnotic. Yeah, I'm that bored.

I almost forgot to mention how it came to be that Goldfinger will have a picture of me and Rodney in their photo album. Yes, they will have a picture of us. We were sitting outside the Granada on one of the planters waiting for the doors to open and Rodney took some of the mulch from the planter and spelled out Goldfinger with it on the ground. A little while later, Kelly (the bass player) came out and saw it and he really liked it. Then he noticed Rodney's skull tattoo and saw mine too and thought that was cool and made some guy go get a camera and take pictures of the mulch and the tattoos. It was so fucking cool! We're definitely going to have to go talk to Kelly in Omaha - he'll remember us, we're the skull twins! HA!

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