June 24, 2000

Damn, it's been nearly two years since I decided that I had a bunch of shit on my mind and felt like writing it down for you all to read. 59 Productions' "Blah blah blah." will be two years old on August 28, 2000. Two years, man! A whole lot of shit has happened in that two years. Theryn was in Parsons when I started all of this. I remember Ben's comments when he first read my stuff - something like "Like a machine gun, your thoughts." And they were - I just wrote whatever it was that I was thinking. I kind of miss that.

So Theryn called her dad tonight and the car will probably be coming home with her tomorrow evening. It may not, however, be an MX-6. He told her it was, but then when she talked to him tonight he said it was a 323 - Mazda's equivalent to a Ford Festiva. We were at Rodney's when Theryn talked to her dad and when we left, there was a 323 sitting right next to Rodney's Festiva. Ugh, I hope it's... well, it's not an MX-6. She called her brother to get his help in bringing it back from her dad's tomorrow and he said it wasn't, but that it wasn't a hatchback. Maybe a 626? Or perhaps some of the older models of 323's weren't hatchbacks. Well, whatever the case, it's likely to be ten times as reliable as my car and it's free, so we really can't complain. And we're not, we're just... a little disappointed, as anyone would be if they thought they were getting an MX-6 but it turned out to be a 323. I've done a little research on the web about it, and it looks like they didn't make 323's without a hatchback. Ian, Theryn's little brother, said this car isn't a hatchback. Very interesting... Oh! Nope, I'm wrong. They did make a sedan.

These next two weeks are going to be very tight money-wise. I'm pretty much broke after paying rent and bills. No, I am broke after paying rent and bills. I will, however, be okay on July 7th, because I'll get my first summer paycheck which figures to be around $400. That does not, however, work very well if I want to buy some fireworks this year. Maybe I'll sell some CDs or something.

You know, I miss Avery sometimes. No, not the living-in-a-van-on-Kentucky Street Avery, but the one I knew in junior high and high school. I think I've ranted about this before, but he's a booksmart guy. We had some very interesting conversations and before Theryn, he was the best person at stimulating my brain... okay that sounded highly homosexual, but that's not what I meant. He made me think about shit. I wonder why he decided that living on the street in a van was the best way of life for him. I think that if I ever found him completely sober (HA!) I'd like to ask him that.

I'd really like to move into our new place now, thanks.

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