August 27, 2000

Classes resumed on Thursday. I only had one class on Thursday, which will be a usual thing, and Friday I only had one too. I wrote down some shit, thought it'd be cool to have some thoughts down on paper as events were happening. I don't know if I'll do it everyday, but it was kind of cool these first couple of days. Here's what I wrote:


I had that same damned crazy bus driver. I guess the only things that have changed are my classes. Got to 2001 Malott for my Intro to British History about half an hour early. I like being early to classes. I don't like to walk in when a bunch of people are already there. I guess I'm weird, or paranoid, or something. Sat in the hall waiting for class to start, across from a very attractive stawberry blonde female. She was reading a book - I think it was the Princess Bride. Pendant 'round her neck, tight white shirt - the kind where two pieces of fabric are sewn together between the breasts. Pants and hippie sandals like Ben's. She had a toe ring on the "middle" toe of her left foot, band-aid on her right big toe. She had freckles up and down her arm as well as on what chest she was showing. Entered the classroom, the chairs are comfy, but they didn't build them with guys my size in mind. I sat three rows up and by the window. There was a very fine redhead in the room when we entered but she left about five minutes later. Cute strawberry blonde girl sat as far away from me as she could... don't think it was intentional. I didn't pick up a University Daily Kansan but at this point I'm wishing I would have. I missed a pretty big o' spot when I shaved this morning and it's driving me crazy. Seems to be that the majority is male in this class. I wonder why that is. Approx sixteen girls, give or take, and the room is pretty much full. I must say, most of the females are knock-outs.


Can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting some fine honey. Got to Park and Ride at noon. Strong was only five or seven minutes later. For some reason I had it in my head that my math class started at one, when I knew it started at one-thirty. Read the UDK, thought about going over to Budig to the computer lab, thought about seeing my advisor, decided to sit here and write. God damn it's hot in here. I'll normally have two classes before this one but they're discussions. I figured why would they hold a discussion when there hasn't been a lecture yet? Happened to me before, but I'll probably find out that I was wrong. Oh well. Shoulda taken some ibuprofen before I came today. My jaw hurts for some reason. I think that maybe I clench my jaw or something at night.

Room 330. My math class is in the big auditorium on 3rd floor Strong. Ray Q. Brewster auditorium. I assume that means a big class and less one-on-one teaching... not that last semester was that small or one-on-one. I hate it when you see someone you totally recognize but you have no idea why or where from. That just happened to me, and usually when it does, it's because they used to go to/work at the Java Break. I think that was the case here, I'm almost sure of it. Well, what do you know about that? The girl I thought I recognized is actually in my math class.

I don't know what the hell I'm going to do about my damned Oldsmobile. The tags expire in six days. Fuck. I really wish it would just be sold already!

It's always bunk when you go to a class and everyone knows someone else, except you.

Damn. People came in somewhat steady until about 10 minutes before class is supposed to start and then BAM! Like 20 people poured in. You can always tell that people know people when it's fucking loud.

I put up some fliers advertising my car, and had a call today. Old guy came and looked at it and added his name to the long list of people who didn't want to fucking buy my car.

Got my financial aid letter in the mail yesterday. No aid awarded. Great. Didn't get a 2.5, only a 2.25, so I don't get any money. Unless I appeal, which I will, and hopefully that won't take very long, because I need to get this paid for so I can get credit for these damned classes!

Saw Less Than Jake and the Suicide Machines on Wednesday night. That was fucking awesome. Suicide Machines rock so hard!

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