September 11, 2000

Hi, you may remember me from such posts as "Ben is gay" and "I'm poor!".

Today my enrollment at the University of Kansas was dropped because I could not pay due to the huge amount of red tape the Financial Aid Office is making me go through to get money. Once I get the money I'll be able to re-enroll and I'm continuing to go to the classes so I won't miss anything. I've talked to two of my professors and I'll talk to two tomorrow so that they know that although I technically am dropped, I'm still in the class and will be re-enrolling so they should grade my homework and tests and such. Fucking beauracrasies.

We had a party on Saturday night. Ben and I threw it thinking that Theryn and Rodney would both be gone. It ended up that Theryn never was able to get ahold of her ride, so she was there. My friend Brandi from grade school who is now attending school in Wichita was also there. She was visiting her parents in Oskaloosa. We caught up and it was really good to see her. Her boyfriend plays bass in the band O'Phil, which is really cool. Kristen, aka Kristiana, another friend from long ago and far away came to visit this weekend. I met her online about five years or so ago when she was living in California and had never actually met her face to face. She's now attending school in Colorado and since she hasn't met many people out there yet and was bored, she took the long trek across Kansas to come visit.

Classes are going well, despite the lack of funding for them. I'm finding my math class to be very easy. Online homework that lets you try and try until you get it right is very cool. Especially when all of the notes are online too. British history is very interesting, though I need to do more of the reading. Western Civ is the same way and my Anthropology class has potential.

Anyway, the party was pretty cool. Except for Courtney stealing Bennie the Penguin.

We're going to miss Goldfinger in St. Louis tomorrow. However, Rodney wants to see Face to Face enough that he's willing to buy me a ticket to get me to go to Omaha next Monday night to see them. That should be cool. We haven't seen Face to Face since... since the Airwalk Sno-Core Tour. That was a long fucking time ago.

Well, I think I should stop writing now. I'm updating using Ben's computer and Rodney just closed the door to his room so he and Mia could make sweet love. I hear her giggling so I guess I'd better stop so I don't have to hear it.

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