September 27, 2000
... onna popsicle stick.

Alright, so where in the hell did the month of September go? Can someone please tell me? We're three days from October here, people! Only one month until my birthday, folks! Tell your friends - party at El Rancho on my birthday - Saturday, October 28! I'm poor, though, so you'll have to pay for your own dinner. I'll finalize the time when it gets closer, but I'm guessing we'll start around 9. I promise to not spend all of my time upstairs.

As Ben can tell you, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for Playstation is out now. But if you want Ben to tell you, you'll have to catch him on his dinner break from playing THPS2. Heh. It's a pretty awesome game and I hope to get it sooner than later. Graphics are improved, game play seems a bit more difficult, more tricks, more goals to meet, more good stuff. Tony Hawk rules, man.

Have you ever pulled a cd out of your collection that you haven't listened to in a really long time and it re-hooks you like it did when it was new and you proceed to listen to it over and over until the new newness wears off? No? Okay, nevermind... I was just going to say that Sparkle and Fade is a really good album.

I still haven't hit my full on school mode yet. I realize that this is bad. I'm close to it, but I'm still too good at finding ways to procrastinate and not study. Like right now, I should be studying but instead I'm updating. I guess it's better than playing video games, but it's still not studying. Ah, screw it. Life's for living, right?

Theryn's mom called tonight to confirm that we're going to the RenFest with them on Saturday. I told her I thought we had planned on it, which we have, so she's going to get our tickets. I totally forgot about it, though. I was going to make a tape on Saturday, and I thought about going with Rodney up to a mall to find a hat - he needs one for work, I've been wanting one for a while. Well, maybe I'll make the tape on Sunday and go to the mall with Rodney... maybe I won't get a hat anytime soon. Yeah, that's probably a good idea. That'll be another twenty or so dollars that will still be in my pocket.

You know, I think I'm going to have to eventually check out Everclear's new album. Even though they're sellouts, their first two albums kick ass and "So Much for the Afterglow" really isn't that bad... it's actually kind of good. And I do kind of like the new song they're playing on the radio...

Oh, yeah, the thing I was going to write about when I first started! I checked my mail tonight and all of my old messages in my inbox were gone! This is the second time this has happened and I'll be really pissed if they're not there again tomorrow. I only had about 20 messages in there, but I kept them in there for REASONS, people. Don't fuck with my email! You know, sometimes my ISP really pisses me off. For example, I have registered a domain name. I got their help to set up redirection so it would point to my homepage and they were going to send me the contract to sign since I didn't have a fax machine handy. Have I heard from them since? No! And now they're fucking with my email! It's just another way The Man is trying to bring me down!

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