November 1, 2000
"Things change, people die"

I just got back from the Dar Williams concert that I went to with Theryn. Okay, okay. I admit it - I like Dar Williams. The show was different, though. First of all, I've never been to a concert at Liberty Hall that there were assigned seats. It was also kind of weird because I went to see Dragqueen last night at the Hurricane - so I was able to compare the two with the show last night fresh in my mind. I had a good time tonight, whatever the case so let's move on to last night.

I had a bad feeling about last night when Rodney and I were driving toward KC. Rodney was driving without his glasses and it was supposed to rain and I knew we'd be drinking at the show and it was Halloween. All of that added up to a little bit of anxiety. We got there safe and took a seat near the bar and began to drink. By the time Dragqeen started playing I was so trashed. There were so many fine women there and since it was Halloween a lot of them were wearing very revealing costumes. Rodney and I decided our favorite was the Cigarette Girl. She was dressed like one of those girls who you see in gangster movies walking around with a tray around their neck saying "Candy, cigarettes, cigars...". She was incredibly attractive. Anyway, Dragqueen's drummer was dressed as a girl, Scotty was... well, he and the bass player weren't dressed up, and Jessica... oh my god. She was dressed in a very conservative dress the whole night, but when she came on stage - she'd taken it off. Bra, "bloomers", garter belts, stockings, and 6" heels. I just about died. They played an amazing show and I was drunk so I just let go and my body is so sore from dancin' around last night. During the show the fine honey next to me was smoking and she was ashing into a bottle on the stage. Jessica noticed this and said "That's my beer, you bitch!". The fine honey was scared. It was funny. What wasn't funny is that two bitches got into a cat fight and I wasn't having any of it so I pulled them apart and in the scuffle a drink got spilled on me. I screamed in anger things like "God dammit, I'm just trying to enjoy the god damned show!". It was a fucking cool show. We didn't get home until fo' in the morn'.

Punky Brewster's on P.I. That's cool.

It looks like I'm going to be a history major with my concentration in medieval history. I have more history classes than any other, I have always liked history, and the classes I'm going to have to take look pretty interesting. What will I do with a history degree? Probably get Microsoft Certified and work in computers. I suppose I could teach, but I don't want to do that. I don't like to speak in front of people and teaching just doesn't appeal to me in any way. So, who knows. All I know is that I'm going to have to take 16 hours my final three semesters at ol' KU and 9 hours this summer. Then when Theryn and I move to where ever it is she's going to go to law school I'll be able to take the few remaining courses I need for my degree by correspondence. Which... really doesn't make too much sense... since I'll need to get a good job where ever we're moving so I can support us. Enh, I'll figure it out.

I've heard they're making a live action Scooby-Doo movie... can anyone verify this?

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