December 20, 2000
You better not pout...

I really can't believe that Christmas is less than a week away. It's this coming Monday, my friends. The first Monday in a long long long time to which I'm actually looking forward. Unfortunately, it's going to be kind of stressful because of all the running around Theryn and I are going to have to do. Christmas Eve we're off to my dad's in the early afternoon, my grandfather on my dad's side's house, then to Theryn's grandmother's house - all in Topeka, and all basically across town from each other. Then we'll come home, sleep as much as we can, get up at 7 and be at my mom's house by 8. Open presents there and then head off to Topeka again to Theryn's mom's house to open presents and then drive across Topeka again to my aunt's house for lunch and presents and then we go back to Theryn's mom's house for dinner. Sure do make out like bandits but we certainly have to work at it.

I sort of started this entry today at work. There's this woman at work who I guess is technically my superior who is really good at coming by my desk any time I take a second away from work to check my email or look at something on the web. Despite what I would have some believe and what some believe, I do quite a bit of work at work and I really don't have as much free time there as I used to. Anyway, this woman is obsessed with whether or not I am doing my work so it really sucks that during the few seconds I take every now and then for personal stuff, she's right there to glare at me. Today I was returning an email when she came out of her office and she stood behind me and I could see her in the reflection off of my computer screen reading my email. I was incredulous. I quickly hit alt-space-n and minimized telnet and then got up and helped her find the letterhead she was supposedly looking for. Making sure someone who works for you is doing their work is one thing, invading their privacy is another.

I've almost got my Christmas shopping done. I still have to buy for my mom, which will be getting taken care of when my sister gets home - we're doing a joint gift that's super secret. Still have to get Mia something too... and then I think I'm done. Let's see I got something for Theryn, Rodney, Ben, Megahn, Rachel, Jerry, Dad & Michelle, I think Joe and Deborah (Theryn's folks) are taken care of, Ian, and fuck I think I still need to buy for Alexander, Theryn's little brother. Well, Christmas isn't here yet so it's all good.

I've been drinking Mr Pibb like it's water. I should switch that and drink water like it's water, it'd be much better for me... maybe - our water is kind of murky. We need to get a water filter or something. And our refrigerator smells like something died in it. I haven't noticed it so much lately, though so maybe the smell is wearing off. And I don't know how in the hell the trash gets filled up so fast - it seems like once it's emptied it's full again.

Sublime's 40 Oz. To Freedom is such a damned good album.

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