A Christmas Story

Here is the story about our little experience at a Goldfinger concert. The first paragraph was written by me in response to the text following. The actual email was written by Rodney. Enjoy.
My friend Rodney has an abusive girl friend. It's like you'd see on a made for t.v. movie. I was there when she hit him. She said "Well, you deserved it." Then "I'm sorry - here, hit me", then I was expecting "It'll never happen again, I promise", but I didn't hear that.
On Sat, 20 Dec 1997, Rodney wrote:
Hello whitey! Anyway, tonight me along with monzo (Eddie), anomie (Ben), chuck, Chucks orphan little brother, my stingy girlfriend, and Theryn hopped in dah car (s) and flew to Kansas City for the clubhouse christmas party featuring: buck 0 nine, the bloodhound gang, limp bizcut, k's choice, and of course the one and only GOLDFINGER. Oh yeah, the urge were the headliners but they suck snowballs in the wintertime, so we said fuck that, and the traffic, and left early. It was cool. It was my 4th time seeing Goldfinger. anyhoo, some interesting events... -my girlfriend gave the ticket I bought her and $30 to somebody with a mosh ticket so she could be with me, but as I remember it she wasn't really with me at all...? -on the way there I mistakenly gave the bird to a bunch of homie g's in a Buick and I thought I was gonna get shot/raped/knifed/beaten to a pulp...but I escaped into the parking lot, by the way $4 to park, oi. -as I was walking in to the men's restroom the one and only John Feldman (lead singer) walked out. I walked right by him, then I was like...AHHHHHHH, that was john!!!!! "cool" -after the show, me and Eddie had to break out of the parking lot cuz some jackass locked it up so we couldn't get out (I guess they figured that everyone would stay to see the urge...). -this lunatic that was, well, I guess moshing, all by himself, all the way in back...anyway, it was hilarious to watch him, he looked like he was fighting the invisible man...me and Eddie watch him instead of limp bizcut... -my girlfriend hit me in the face because I was mad about her giving the ticket I bout her away...according to the conversation on the ride home, it was my fault. all in all, it was cool. merry bloody christmas.
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