Will you be there when I get home?

So before they went on Broc and I were sittting there and Heather, the lead singer, said hello to me - which I thought was going to be the highlight of my evening right there, that she recognized me... and then they get on stage and are playing and Julie, the bass player, says something along the lines of "We live in St. Louis, so if any of you would let us crash on your floor, that would be great. Sleeping in a car sucks." So after their set, which was awesome as usual, I went up and offered my floor and they accepted. So after Mi6 played, I helped Climber carry their stuff out and then we piled into their RV and headed to my apartment. On the way there Joey told me an interesting story about turning left on red in Seattle and being pulled over by a bunch of bicycle cops because of it. Their RV is... well, they need a new one. It's got character but I can't imagine sleeping in there so I'm glad I was able to offer them a place to stay. Anyway, we arrived - they smoked up a bit in the back of their RV (they offered me a hit and never before had I wished more that I smoked pot, but I declined) and then they gathered their stuff and we went inside. We talked for a while, which was very cool and then they wanted to watch Dogma so we popped it in. Julie fell asleep right away, Joey read (actually read) Playboy, and the rest of us watched the movie. About half way through I went to bed 'cause it was 3:15 and I was very tired. I woke up around 10 and couldn't get back to sleep because Climber was asleep on my living room floor. They were all up and around about an hour later and had to be on their way because they had a long trip ahead of them. They're playing in Iowa tonight - on the far eastern portion of Iowa in a place that I've never heard of and can't come up with its name right now. They thanked me and Julie apologized that they had to jet and couldn't go out for breakfast or something and then they were off.

Interesting things I did not know about Climber:
- They smoke pot. Not a big revelation, just something I never really thought about, I guess.
- Ted and Heather are getting married in May.
- Joey is a readaholic. He read this and last months issues of Playboy, and the latest issues of National Geographic and Time while he was in my apartment.
- Heather has toe-socks that are her lucky socks that she wears at the first show of every little tour they do.
Okay, some of you are probably like "Why's he getting excited about this no-name quasi-local band?" Well, fuck you! They're one of my favorite bands and I can get excited about them staying at my place if I want to! So yes, that was my night. It fucking rocked.

Left to right: Ted - Drums, Heather - guitar/lead vocals, Joey - guitar/vocals, and Julie - bass/vocals.


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