The Jackie Incident

Sometime during the first half of July '97, Rodney and I were going to McDonalds downtown. We did this often, but this time was different. Rodney's psycho was out of town at some art school, and I of course, was single. Anyway, we go into McDonalds and order our food and are trying to decide where to sit when we notice a strikingly beautiful woman sitting a few feet away from us. So we decide to sit a few tables away. We sit down, eat our food, all the while watching this girl. Finally, she gets up and leaves. We decide to follow her. As we're walking, or sprinting, out, this old man says "Go get her, boys!". That was incredibly funny. Anyway, we hop in the car and go try and find her. We finally do and so we park and walk up to her. Rodney says hello, we introduce ourselves and inquire as to what she is doing. She says she's just walking, so we ask if she minds if we join her. She doesn't so we do. So we're walking with this lovely lady, talking. We find out that she's really cool, but really young. But that was okay, because hey, all we ever really wanted was to be her friend, right? Anyway, we get to know her and she's pretty damned cool. And we both knew just by looking at her that Ben would die if he saw her. So we planned to do something with her. We never really did end up doing anything with her, but we would see her occasionally and catch up. Then just last night (July 10, 1998) I was with Ben and Rhiannon (Rhi was up from Louisiana) at the Java Break and Jackie walked in. I was like "Jackie?". She looked all surprised and said "Yeah... hi!". So, Ben finally met Jackie - a year after Rodney and I did. Yeah. She's cool. Now I have a picture to scan, so I scanned it and put it below.

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