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Every day I come closer and closer to changing the format of this page. I'm thinking it would save a lot of space on my server if I were to change this page so that only a few rants were here and the rest could be stored and linked to here from Tripod or Angelfire. Maybe I'll play around with that today. Rodney was mad at me once again yesterday. And it was once again because I told him I'd go to a show and then other things came up and I wasn't able to. I really did want to see Anti-Flag, but I had told my sister, who is visiting only for a week, that I'd do something with her. Plus I had promised Ben a long time ago that I'd let him come over and use my printer to print out old e-mail's. He was hella over his limit of disk space on the school's server. In my folder alone he had about 350 messages. Fool saved every email, even if it just said something like "Yeah.". Now he's deleting some, which I guess is good. I'm pretty much the same though. I save everything. I'm a sentimental fool. Magazines, for example. I look through them, and save them thinking I'll read them in depth later, but I never do so they just accumulate. I've gotten better about deleting email though. I still should go through and delete some of the old email I still have taking up space on my server. Should doesn't me will, though. Went to see Jun at Planet Pinball again last night. I feel bad going there, though. Now that I don't work anywhere where I could repay him for his generosity, I feel bad taking advantage of it. I guess it isn't that bad, since I hadn't done it for a long time, but two days in a row? Oh well. I'm paying him back somewhat - he's an artist, I work in an office, I think you get my meaning. If you're someone I work with, whatever you're thinking is wrong. Then we headed to the Java Break and there I saw Lindsay. Seeing Lindsay makes me happy. She's so sweet. Too bad she had to meet Rodney. Ha! Or I could have this just be the main page linking to the old and the new rants, which could be stored on a free server. You know, being poor makes me physically ill. How? Well, you see, I don't eat very often because I have no money to do so... well, I guess I have the money, but I need to learn to save it so it will last longer. Anyway, so I don't eat regularly, but then when I actually do get to eat - like at home, or parents take Theryn and I to dinner or I splurge - I eat my fill and more, therefore making myself feel ill. I know that this can't be healthy. I guess I just need to manage my money better. One thing I could do is pass on my pager and it's $10.95 a month bill to Rodney... or Ben. I guess I could also try and find a cheaper ISP. I don't want to not have my own ISP, and due to certain complications, I wouldn't be able to use KU as my ISP. Maybe I could convince Theryn to maybe help pay the 18.95/month. Since she can check her email and such from any computer, but I can only check my email from a computer connected to the internet through Internet Direct - check my mail using telnet, that is. I don't know. I need to cut expenses somewhere and since cutting back on eating isn't really that healthy, I need to find some other way. Oh yeah, Theryn came home last night. I guess the wedding itself was on Sunday. And I don't remember her telling me she was going to be home Monday, but she says she did and she probably did, I just don't remember it. Only 46 days until Broncos first pre-season game! Watching NFL Europe only made me want the real NFL season to start! Football!

It's a hot nee-ha out there today. You know, there are a plethora of journal sites out there on the web. I've considered turning this into one of those, but I don't think I'm nearly as interesting as the great ones. Like
Underbelly. Not only is my life pretty boring, well it would be boring to someone reading about it. I actually like my life. Anyway, it'd be boring and I don't know if I'd be able to come up with stuff to say every day. Or if I did, it'd read like a grocery list and be really short. It'd go something like this: I woke up today and had to pee. So I did. Then I went to class. The people in my class are stupid. Then I went to work. There I messed around on the web, fetched some files from the vault, and made copies. Then I went home. Then I ate dinner... And I think you get the idea. I lead a rather uninteresting life. I don't know. Maybe I will someday change the format of my rants page. You have to admit, it's become less of a rants page and more like a journal. Read the first few rants, and then read this one and you'll see what I mean. I went to a couple shows this weekend. Friday night was Frogpond. I think they're getting a little big for their britches. It was not an advanced ticket show and didn't start until like 10pm, but people were lined up outside the Bottleneck at like 8:30. Fearing an early sell out, Rodney and I rounded up everyone and got there early. We stood up front for the first two bands and boy did it get crowded. It was a totally local band show, so there were people in the crowd from a lot of local bands including Kenny from Danger Bob. The first band, Podstar, was alright I guess. They're in high school, so maybe they'll get better. Second was Ultimate Fakebook, and they rocked. Then Frogpond came on. God Justine is sexy. Frogpond rocked the house. People were stage diving, and I just don't like that. Crowd surfing just isn't necessary. All it does is distract those people who actually want to watch the show, because if you don't pay attention to where the crowd surfers are, you could get knocked out. Case in point, me at the Lazer's Clubhouse Christmas. Anyway, the only time I actually helped a stage diver was when it was Kenny. I mean, it's Kenny Bob! You gotta help Kenny Bob. He stood on the stage in front of me and I was just like "AW yeah! Come on!" and I basically put him up. Then he kicked me in the eye, but it was okay because it was Kenny Bob! Then when Frogpond was done, I didn't see her do it, but Justine threw her pick. It hit me on the lower eyelid of my right eye. At first I wasn't sure what it was, so I asked Ben if Justine had thrown her pick, he said yes, so I waited until people cleared out and I found it on the floor. I wasn't about to pass up a chance to get Justine's pick, especially since she pegged me with it. It was an awesome show. Then on Sunday night I went with Ben and Jenny Bob Dole to see Lushbox at the Lazer's Local Music show. I found out last week that one of the chicks in Lushbox used to work in the office that I do now. So everyone around here knows her and she called to say that she was playing the Granada and wanted people to come. I found out today that she plays bass. So, I was there but didn't introduce myself. I will next time. I've only seen them twice, but they impress me more each time. After all, they were voted best new artist at the Klammies, a local 'zine's award show. But yeah, it was cool. Then we went to get pizza and play video games. It's awesome having a hook-up at an arcade. Jun's the man! Headed home after that, did my homework and went to bed hoping that Theryn would come home at some point in the night. To my knowledge, she's still not in town. Which depresses and scares me. I am not totally sure when she was supposed to come home from San Francisco. I guess I'll find out when she gets here. Wow, I think this may be the longest rant I've ever written. Woo-ha.

My girlfriend is finally finding out what it's like to get paid to update her webpage. It's got to be the best thing in the world. Well, it ranks in the top ten anyway. Now, on to the point of this rant. Why do people not sign guestbooks? I've got almost 600 hits on my page, which isn't very much for the amount of time it's been up, but what irks me most is that even though I've nearly 600 hits, only 65 people have signed my guestbook. SIXTY-FIVE! That means that 535 people didn't sign the guestbook! Sure, a few hits can be accounted for - me visiting from a different computer, Theryn doing the same, Rodney, Ben, but that can't account for 535 hits! It takes just a few minutes to sign a guestbook. And if you do, you don't have to hear me bitch about it anymore! You know, I'd love to have the funds and the time to just pick up and take a road trip. Not plan it, just decide to drive across the country. And that's all I have to say about that. Hey hey, today's my lucky day! Puff was taken out by Snoop and Dr. Dre! You know, every little image I put on here takes up space. Little space, granted. But they all add up. So, I don't think I'm going to do that anymore. It would make writing a rant easier, for I wouldn't have to go search for a new picture every time. The campus mail people are bastards. They're not as bad as the parking department, but they're still bastards.

Okay, I can understand those who have not taken a math class for quite some time and therefore have to take Intermediate Algebra (Math 002) in order to advance to 101 and so on to complete the math requirement for a degree. I can understand this because it is basically my situation. What I can't understand is how the people who are in the class because they are freshmen having to take it could have even graduated high school! The stuff we're learning is supposed to, I guess, be like Algebra. I passed Algebra in junior high, I believe. And 101 is supposed to be like Algebra II, which I passed (barely) in my junior year of high school. Math has never been my strong point, but the stuff we're being taught in 002 is basically review for me, and simple stuff anyway. Stuff I thought you had to know to graduate high school. It appears I was wrong. Some of the people in my class... I don't know. They're very slow at picking up the concepts. I mean, plotting points on a number line isn't that difficult of a concept. Ooh, only a little less than two months until pre-season NFL! Saturday, August 7th at 7:00pm the Broncos play the Chargers in the American Bowl '99! Woo! And the Broncos' season starts September 13th vs. Miami on Monday Night Football! That's only three months and three days away! They're two-time defending Super Bowl champions, on their way to a three-peat! Okay, now I'm excited.

So, I feel like shit. My back hurts, I'm still not fully over whatever I had over the weekend, I miss my girlfriend, I'm bitch ass broke, it's fucking hot outside, I want to move out already, and even though I'm broke I'd really rather not be at work. Yes, I'd love some cheese with my whine - maybe it'd make me constipated. Oh, and I'd really rather not be taking math in the summer. But I am. And so I will get up every Monday through Friday and be at class at 10:20am to learn math. Fun fun fun! That is, of course, if one of two things happens. Either my financial aid comes through by the 30th or my mom graces me with the money to pay the summer tuition. But on the bright side... well, the less dim side anyway, Theryn does come home tomorrow. And barring any major catastrophes, I'll be with her tomorrow night. That makes me happy. It also makes me anxious, but hey - what're you gonna do? Yes, I went to the lake and then SnS, but not to go to Moe's to drink or watch others drink. I had fun doing it too. I would not have had fun watching you and Moe drink. Besides, you need to quit bitching because I do believe I was the one that invited her to the "Goldfinger" party. Foo'. The instructor for this math course is an Abercrombie wearin' motherfucker. And he can't be that much older than I am. The way he "teaches", it's like he's up in front of a class he's in giving a report. There's one cute girl who I think I went to high school with, a bunch of retards, and two or three seniors who "really put this class off". One of them is a PolySci major. Theryn probably knows him. He's weird.

As I write this, I have no idea whether or not I'm going to be able to upload it onto my server. I hope I can, but if my server wants to be a bitch, I'll have to do some more re-arranging so that I can put this up. I also don't know if I'm going to be in summer school. I enrolled and it starts like, June 3rd, but if I didn't get at least a 2.0 - no more school for me. Both financially and academically I'll be fucked. Karen, Ben, Theryn, and I found our place to live. It's next door to the place we originally thought we were going to be, but I think it's better. The people in it kept it a lot cleaner than the people living in the other one kept theirs... if that makes sense. It's a duplex, three bedroom, one and a half bath, and it's beige with a green door. Hard to miss. What is it with public restrooms? I went to one at the zoo in Omaha, and there were no urinals, only a trough and three toilets. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I sure as hell don't want to whip it out and start peeing in a trough with my fellow man standing next to me doing the same. That's just not me. And it appears that I'm alone in that, otherwise, there wouldn't have been other guys pissin' in the trough. And it seems that the only people who use the toilets are people with the shits and who don't know how to flush the toilets. Okay, enough of that. Yeah, Theryn and I went to Omaha this past weekend. When we got to Omaha, the engine fan decided that it didn't want to work anymore. So, we called AAA and they towed us about a block to a garage, then the mechanic said he couldn't get to it until the morning. So, he offered to drive us to our motel rather than having us take a cab. So we get to the motel, the Ben Franklin Motel, and it's shit, the employees are rude and the only room available smelled of stale cigarette butts. We made the most of the big bed and then took a $20.05 cab ride to get the car the next morning. Then it was off to the Omaha zoo, then to the Sleep Inn - which was wonderful. I don't know if it was so awesome because of the shit we stayed in the night before or what, but it was the best motel I've ever stayed in. We took a quick shower, which was nice because it was a really nice shower with one of those showerheads that you can turn into a back massager. We then went to the old market area and had hamburgers at a bar and then came back and went to sleep. Next morning we were up, on the road and home again.

Isn't the internet fucking great? I mean, where else can you just surf around and find information on anyone or anything, and at the same time run into sites like this guy's? I mean, this is the only place where anyone can really say anything about whatever the fuck they want to, and people will read it. Why? Well, because we're bored, basically. That and this guy is on one of the web rings I'm on, and I was bored, so I clicked "Next 5" and his was new, so I looked at it. Anyway, so my girlfriend talked me into getting shorts. And not only that, but I'm actually wearing them. I haven't worn shorts in about eight years. And believe it or not, my legs don't glow when the sun hits them. They are awfully pale, but not as pale as you'd expects legs that haven't seen the light of day for eight years to be. I guess I'm getting used to the idea. It'll probably be easier to play basketball in shorts. And I've been playing a lot of ball lately. And now that Jeremy's going to be in town... well, starting in June... Ben, Rodney, and I will have a fourth player so we won't always have to play 21. Theryn and I are leaving town on Friday morning. I know Rodney's going to give me shit about this because instead of going to Lazerfest, I'm going out of town with my girlfriend. He'll just chalk it up as another show I missed because of Theryn. Anyway, we're leaving and heading north. Our tentative destination is Omaha, but if we don't get there, that's fine. If we get there and want to keep driving, okay by me. We just want to get out of this town and just relax. Hopefully we'll get a cheap hotel room with a pool. I don't swim, but a pool would be nice anyway. I wonder what is going through Mark and Janice's minds today. I wonder what will be going through my mind ten days before my wedding day. I'll probably be thinking, "Well, it's about god damned time!". That's no good... as I tried to upload this page, it said it couldn't because I'd exceeded my disc quota. Fuck.

Okay, so the other day I got a wedding invitation in the mail. This is the first wedding invitation I've ever received. Fucked up thing is that it's from my old junior high school friend Mark Maddux who is marrying Janice Yoder, who I only know because she was in the youth group I made a short stint in - the same group where I met Matt and Chuck. Anyway, I read it and thought "That's CRAZY!!!". Ben, who knows Janice, is probably going to go with me. It's fucked up, though. I mean, shit, we just graduated high school two years ago. Sure, Stacey and Brandy already got married, but you knew they would. And that was right out of high school. Ben says "But, you're engaged...", and that's true, but I'm not getting married on the 29th of this month! It's going to be several years before I tie the knot! I'm starting to feel old. And that kind of scares me, because it means I'm going to start having to be an adult! An adult in the real world! Argh! No!!! Ben, Rodney, and I were walking out of Ben's dorm the other day and these two very fine women were walking out ahead of us. Some guy was holding the door for us and the second woman kisses him. To which the guy responds "I don't know how I feel about that...". To which I respond "BE HAPPY!!!". Ben and Rodney laughed 'cause I said it out loud. But I mean, if some fine woman came up to me and kissed me, I'd be like "Woah! Thank you!". I don't know if he knew the girl or not, but it really doesn't matter.

I was sitting on the bus today on my way to work, and it was getting pretty full. People were standing in the aisle, and this one football player-looking guy takes the last seat in between me and another person. Needless to say, he didn't quite fit. So, rather than offering his seat to the smaller girl who was right behind him, he wedged himself into the seat. I kept thinking how rude it was of him to have done that. But then I started to think how rude it was of me to not get up and offer my seat. I try to be a gentleman - I open and hold doors for people, open the car door for women (most of the time), I put the seat down - but I didn't want to give up my seat on the bus. I guess chivalry really is dying. That's a damned shame. I think if men today would act just a little more gentlemanly, the world would be a better place. Of course, there are the radical feminists that don't want men to open doors for them and whatnot, but I guess I'm fortunate enough to not have tried to open a door for one of them. Man, I have three papers to write this weekend. And two books to finish reading on which two of the paper are based. That was a very awkward sentence. Okay, I'm going to go and find a background for this page now. There, I found one. Yes, it's similar to the background I used on the very first rants page, but it is different, I promise. Rodney's birthday is tomorrow. I should probably get his stuff soon. So there goes my Saturday - for I'll probably spend all of tomorrow with him. And at some point this weekend I want to go see "April in Akron", a play written by my English 101 teacher. He was a cool guy and this play is supposed to be good too. It still amazes me that while I write this - and most of my rants since I write most of them at work - I'm getting paid. Six-fiddy an hour. This June or July I'm going to ask for a raise, since I'll have been here a full year. I think I already said that in a rant. Oh well. I've written so many it's hard to remember all the shit I've said.

Going around the internet and reading pages like Squishy, and the sites linked to and from them, I felt the urge to write. The only problem is, I can't think of what to write. So I'll just randomly type stuff and see what comes out. Ben and I seemed to have spilled the beans about Rodney and Amanda to Jacque. Ben, Jacque, Rodney, Karen, and I were all sitting at Perkins discussing Rodney's recent exploits with a Hum fan from Dallas, and Jacque asked him if he's slept with the Hum fan. He said he hadn't, but I had to chime in that he's told us before that he hadn't slept with someone and then several months later it came out that he did. Karen, or someone, asked who - so I said Elaine, Ben said Shannon, and Ben was trying to figure out the other one, he was like "that blonde girl...", and I said "Amanda!". Yeah, Amanda. It was at this point that Jacque flipped and started saying "You fucked her while you were fucking me?! I asked you if you'd slept with her and you LIED TO ME! Take me to my car NOW!". So they left. Jacque came back about an hour later and Rodney left us with his bill. But, I'm sure they're all chummy again, and will probably resume having sex in the next couple of weeks. They're fucked up like that. There's this girl in my Anthropology discussion that up until today I thought was rather attractive. I say until today because today she wore a sleeveless shirt and I saw the Mark of the Hippie. This girl has more hair under her arms than I do. It was so bad, when she put her arm down, it was sticking out the sides. Yes, it probably is some society-driven and perhaps sexist idea, but in my opinion, women should not have underarm hair or hair on their legs. For me, it is an incredible turn off. So much so that if, let's say, Kate Moss decided to stop shaving... she would lose all appeal for me. Now, I'm not saying that women with underarm hair and leg hair are ugly - this girl in my class is still a cute girl - she's just not attractive to me anymore. Some people might say "What's the difference?". Well, if you have to ask, you'll never know. Besides, this is my opinion and if you don't like it you can fuck off. When I was in St. Louis, I noticed that the hotel we were staying in... well, it was shit, but that's not the point. The point is, it didn't have a 13th floor or a room 666. Now, I personally would enjoy staying on the 13th floor especially if I were in room 666 on the 13th floor. That'd fucking rock! I'd feel special. But no. Paranoia has gripped the people of the world for a long time... well, not paranoia, more superstition. Well, I think I'm done for now.

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