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I went to the dentist yesterday. You know, I don't know how to start my entries anymore. I don't know whether or not to just start in or start with some sort of greeting. Anyway, I went to the dentist to have him fill a cavity for $65.

Pardon my digression, but one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen just sat down beside me. Goddamn. And she smells wonderful... which is a plus since this lab smells like car exhaust. Just thought you should know.

Anyway, I was laying there with four hands in my mouth and what comes on the radio? Extreme's "More Than Words". So, I truly was in hell.

I've hit my it's-the-week-after-spring-break-don't-want-to-go-to-school stage... a week after the week after spring break. I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been so fucking apathetic this week. I was sitting in the comfy chair, playing Playstation and my mouth hurt from where the dentist injected the numbing stuff, and I was too fucking lazy to get off my ass and go upstairs and get the ibuprofen! I mean, christ, I was in pain, but not enough to motivate me to get off my ass and do something about it. Fuuuuck.

Ben, Rodney and I went bowling this weekend at the Jaybowl. It's cool to know that Theryn and I helped saved it. They were going to take it out of the student union without telling anyone and put in a coffee shop. Someone found out and the students threw a fit, so now they're just going to remodel and add some stuff, like a coffee place but retain the alley. Anyway, I bowled the best I had in a long time, winning all three games we played. My highest was the last one we played, a 149 - not that good, but good for me. My cousin Mike just won some tournament and bowled a perfect game during it... he's pretty good. Anyway, it had been a long time since we three had done something together so it was cool. I want to go bowling again this coming weekend. I finally found a ball that fit decently and wasn't too heavy. That's what's wrong with my wrist! I went bowling! Man, I couldn't figure out what I'd done to make my wrist hurt like it does, but now I know. Woo.

Here's some stuff you may not know about me:

So, it looks like I'm going to get to see Guttermouth, NOFX, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones when I'm in England. They're playing Brighton on the first of June, and hey, Brighton isn't that far from London and I'll be in London on the first of June! Man, and I thought I was a Goldfinger fan because I went to Iowa to see them.

I hate it when someone says they're going to do something and then doesn't do it.

Fuck the Warped Tour for not coming anywhere near my STATE.

"Ben's gay."

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