"She always rights the wrong, for me..."

Oh what a terribly interesting weekend. To begin with, went and saw a band called Drag Queen on Friday night at a venue I'd never been to before - Gee Coffee. It's an all ages club and you could tell that there weren't very many people there to see the show. Most of the people there were kids probably around 15 years old. They were running around, sitting on the pool tables, smoking, making out on the couches, and doing other "rebellion" type things. It was quite annoying, but the show was good and Theryn and I got Drag Queen's cd and got it signed, so it was all good.

Then Saturday night Rodney and I went to see the Smashing Pumpkins at Memorial Hall, because he had obtained some free tickets. When we got there, we were searched, and before the guy frisked me he asked if I had this, that, or the other thing, including a pocket knife. I said no, but he checked my pockets extra good and grabbed on to my swiss army knife and he seemed almost excited that he'd found it. He got this look on his face and was all "Oh! Oh! What's this!?". I said "My swiss army knife, what am I gonna do - open somebody's bottle?". He said I either had to take it back to my car or pitch it. This knife is a replacement of the one that my grandfather gave to me, that Theryn somehow ended up losing so she bought me a new one. So yeah, I took it back to the car. When I came back, the guy standing next to the original guy frisked me and grabbed on to my inhaler and was all "What's this?!", to which I replied "My inhaler, what am I gonna do, spray somebody in the eyes with it?". He let me through.

The Pumpkins had already started playing, so it was dark and loud and we didn't know where our seats were, so we went to the very top balcony and stood in the far back against the wall. We were doing just fine there, enjoying the show, not bothering anyone. That's when an event staff member came up and asked us if we knew where our seats were. After we said no, she lead us all the way around to the other side, then she realized that we were up to high and made us go down a level. So we go down a level and stand against the wall, doing just as okay even though our view was obstructed a bit. And of course, another event staff guy came up and asked us if we knew where our seats were. No, we didn't so he led us down some stairs and was attempting to kick some people out of our seats when I asked him for my ticket back and we left. It was so fucking lame. We saw about 10 minutes of the show. As we were leaving, noting the huge signs that said "NO RE-ENTRY", another event staff member ran up saying "Are you leaving?!" and we didn't answer, because we were leaving. So she comes up and stands in front of us asking if we're leaving and Rodney says "Yes, we're fucking leaving". To which she replies "Well, no one answered so I didn't know. You know you can't get back in". "Why would we answer you? We're leaving" was my response, and we finally made it out the door.

We got back two hours after we'd left, and we decided that seeing naked girls would make us feel better. We invited David to come along and he accepted so we three guys were off to see naked women dancing. We tried Juicers first, but it was closed, so we went to a place only David had been - the Outhouse. It's a BYOB "juice bar" on the outskirts of town, where the ladies walk around topless. A major difference between this place and Juicers is that at this place, when you get a lap dance, the girl is topless and you can touch her. I don't know how much that costs ya, but I'll bet it's a pretty penny. To tip, while a girl is dancing you put a folded dollar bill in your mouth and lay on the stage and she dances over you, crawls all over you so you see all she has to offer, up close, and then she uses her breasts to pluck the dollar out of your mouth, thanks you, kisses your cheek and lifts your head off the stage and you leave. It's in-fucking-credible. And god damn, there were some fine ladies at that place! God damn we had a good time Saturday night.

We got home and related the story to Ben and Megahn, and he got all righteous on us saying shit like "Why would I spend money on it when I can get it for free right here?". I'd bet you a billion dollars that if she hadn't been there he wouldn't have said all that bullshit. Well, no that may not be a good bet, because he likes to pull the holier-than-thou bullshit. When Rodney and I are drunk at one of our parties, he's off in the corner with his Pepsi and his little girlfriend on his lap with his nose in the air ignoring those "drunk bastards" that he's so much better than. Rodney and I go to a nudie bar and have a good time and then he pulls it again. Grr. All that porno that I know he looks at on his computer and he tries to act like all he ever needs or looks at is his girlfriend. I hate when people act like they're better than me. Argh. He is one of my best friends though, so it's not like he does this all the time. Rodney and I give him shit all the time, because that's the way we are, but when all is said and done he's one of the best friends I've had. Everyone does stuff that piss off their friends, but the measure of a true friendship is when you can look past that and keep the friendship. Ben might argue that Rodney and I don't look past it, because we give him a hard time, but what we've tried to get through to him is that we give him a hard time about all that shit because we can look past it. I seriously doubt we'd fuck around about stuff that really got to us. For some reason, that's the way it goes in our little group of friends. You know you're really accepted when we find a flaw and ruthlessly exploit it and give you shit about it. Weird indeed, but I like it. It keeps us all on our toes.

I want to end this on a happy note. I really really do. Ooh, okay. My phone bill is only $2.26 this month because I over-paid last month! That's happy!

"Ben's gay."

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