"Our house, in the middle of our street..."

It's been a whole eight days since I last updated. Anyway, last week was the busiest week I think I've had all semester, probably due to the fact that I actually did homework. I got some sort of hair up my ass and actually did some homework. Weird.

You know, I think it's pretty bunk that Mia's not going to be able to make it to Rodney, her boyfriend's, 21st birthday party because of some play that, according to Rodney, she just learned about yesterday. She's known about his party for quite a while now and she's the reason that he moved it from a weekday to the following weekend. Now she won't be able to make it until after this damn play that she's in. Fuck that! I hate it when people say they're going to do something and then change their plans when something better comes along. I know I've done it in the past, but I try not to. Ask Rodney how mad I get when someone does it to me, and he'll tell you about the time he was three or four hours late meeting us one night back in '97 and I was so mad I threw him up against a car and almost beat the shit out of him. Not that I'd beat the shit out of Mia, that's just how mad I get. I mean, it's not like I lose my temper easily. That's the one of the only times I've come that close to violence.

Rodney is going to take our deposit money to Quail Creek tomorrow. We all gave him our checks last night and the reason I bring this up is because Ben's check was written in PENCIL! He handed the check to Rodney and Rodney was all "You wrote it in pencil?" and Ben replied "I always write my checks in pencil". Hopefully he was joking, but to prove to him the reason you shouldn't write your checks in pencil, we erased the original amount and wrote in $3,000,000. Rodney then went to ask him about it... "Ben, the deposit is only $175... were you wanting me to just keep the rest or what?". That's when we showed him the check, explained why it was bad, and he got all pissy and said "Well, I thought I could trust my friends with a pencil-written check". I explained to him that he could, because if he couldn't we would have just changed it to say something like $200 and kept the difference. I tried to explain that we were just watching out for him. I don't think he took it that way. I think he took it as yet another case of us trying to make fun of him, which wasn't the case. We tried to explain that you know, what if Rodney accidentally dropped the check on his way to the bank and some unscrupulous character picked it up and changed the amount and the name and cashed it? I hope he understands that at least in this case we had his best interests in mind.

Watched a lot of hockey last night. God damn I love hockey. Rodney came over and we watched a bunch of it together. Speaking of Rodney - he's attending bartender school. I'm actually quite proud of him. He found something he really wanted to do and he went out and made it happen. The school he's attending guarentees job placement, too. It's going to be really bloody cool to go get drinks from him. Maybe he'll start working at the Bottleneck and so we'll be able to get into shows free and drink free and get to know all the cool people that work there and I'll be one of those guys who you always see there and you think they're really cool and you want to be like them. Maybe.

My right index finger has been twitching all day long. It's a really fucked up feeling.

Oh hey, I don't know why I'm not totally psyched about this yet, but Rodney and I are driving to Springfield, MO to see Goldfinger on May 2nd! We're gonna see Goldfinger!!! Woo!!! Oh, and when I'm in England, I'm probably going to get to see one of my other favorite bands play! That's right, Guttermouth is playing Brighton on June 1st and I'll most likely be there! Woo!

It occurs to me that I might have already imparted that knowledge to you, the viewer. Oh well.

Go find a show.

"Ben's gay."

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