30 Hours

I went to the BTGmeet this past weekend in Louisiana. We dropped Rodney off in Denton, TX so that he could spend time with his obsession, er, Vanessa. Ben and I spent a total of 30 hours together in his car on the trip. I enjoyed my time down there but I never want to drive down there again.

Once we finally arrived at our destination, Baton Rouge, we met Lasher and her trusty DepLasher, aka Melissa. She was gracious enough to let us stay at her place while we were down there. She's pretty fucking cool. And beautiful! But I digress. We got there, crashed out for a few hours and then went to Hammond, I think. We met Desdemona, Vlad, and Lunchbox and his girl, Dawn at a waffle house. From there we went to a bar that was too crowded. We left there and found one that wasn't. Lunchbox, Anomie, Lasher, and Vlad all played pool, as did I but I was taking the pictures. We just sat around shooting the shit, playing tunes on the jukebox and stuff. It was cool. Then it was time to go and we went gladly, for we were all very tired.

The next day, once we were all up and awake, we headed out to New Orleans where Lunchbox and Dawn were staying. We went and walked around Bourbon Street and the French Quarter and all that fun stuff. Ben stumbled down the stairs at a porn shop. The lady working behind the counter came over and told him not to do any drinking since he was stumbling when he was sober. It was hilarious! At one point, Lasher, Ben and myself were walking to Victoria's Secret because Lasher needed a bra to go with her dress, and we went along the river walk. It was dusk, there was a nice breeze, and there was one lone guy leaning on a handrail near the water playing the trumpet. He was playing this slow, sad song. It was right out of a movie. I really wish Theryn had been there to enjoy it with me. Again, I digress. After that we all went back to the hotel and everyone save me and Ben changed clothes. We didn't bring any to N.O., and even if we had, we didn't have anything "gothic" so we were going to stick out at the club that night no matter what. We went to a place called the Crystal, I believe. It was goth/industrial night there. The music wasn't bad, the company was good and I had a good time. Ben played some pinball, Lunchbox and Dawn danced, Lasher and I talked, Ben and I played some pool and it was good. This one chick came in wearing a mesh top and nothing else. I couldn't help but stare at her... peircings. After that Lunchbox and Dawn went to get some food with someone they knew and I drove the rest of us back to Baton Rouge since Lasher'd had a bit to much of the drink. Ha ha.

We slept in on Sunday, then we got up and went back to New Orleans to go to a record store called the Mushroom. We stopped by to see if LB and Dawn were around, but they weren't so we went on without them. Never did get to say goodbye, though I wish we could have. Anyway, after the Mushroom we went back to Baton Rouge, waited for Lasher's roomate and in the process broke her bed. Ben was sitting on it, I sat on it a little quicker than I should have and it fell. One of the metal slat things bent. It wasn't pretty. We still feel really bad about it, but she didn't seem to care that much. Once her roomate got there, Ben, Lasher and I went to eat at Portobello's. It's an Italian restaurant. I had the Shrimp Caesar Salad and ate what was left of Lasher's fried crawfish. Both were very tasty. We didn't do much after that. Played some Scrabble - because Lasher loves it - played some cards, read a bit and then went to sleep.

The next morning we were up at 7 or so and getting ready to head out. Lasher had a doctor appointment, and we had to go to Kansas. We said our goodbyes at a Circle K and departed. We picked up Rodney in Denton and went home. What a horrible drive it was to have such a good time. I'm sure I left something out and I'm just as sure someone will tell me what. I'm posting pictures here, so have a look.

A WASP, a Mexican and a Jew walk into a bar and...

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