I had a rather eventful weekend, I suppose. I can't fully recall what I did Friday night, but I know I watched some of the Giants-Vikings game. I think we just hung out at the Java Break. Yeah, and then we went to Perkins and saw Mike. Saturday night was "prom". Courtney threw a mock-prom for David because he never went to his own prom. It was an interesting party. The apartment above and the apartment to the left of Rodney's apartment were having both having parties as well, so it was a rockin' complex.

Around 11pm, Rodney was totally wasted but we went to see Dragqueen anyway. He had to pee so bad that he couldn't even wait for me to park so I let him out in front of the Java Break and parked. When I went in he was sitting with the infamous Sarah. He and Ben had met this girl one weekend a few months back and told me how cool she was. I sat down with them and started talking to her and found out that they were totally right. There's just something about this girl. I don't know what it is but you know, I think she's the female form of Rodney. He can basically get any girl he wants because he's got that "thing", and I think she could probably get any guy she wanted because she also has a "thing". Anyway, we invited her to the show and she gladly accepted. Dragqueen was awesome, as always. It was fun to watch Rodney being all drunk at the Bottleneck. We shared a laugh when they marked both of his hands with an X. When Dragqueen was over we invited Sarah to the party and she accepted.

As the party progressed Rodney got drunker and drunker, and at one point was sitting on the kitchen floor crying and asking me "Why... can't... I... fucking... get... over... her...?!" - speaking, of course, about his ex-girlfriend. Then he proceeded to tell me that if Theryn ever cheated on me he would kill her for putting me through the hell he's going through. It was a nice sentiment, but...

Rodney was really "mad" all night. He kept thinking that I was flirting with Sarah. He got really mad at me at one point and stormed off to his room. Then later, Gweth and Sarah shared a kiss before they each took a shot. To this Rodney said "You got to kiss her before I did!" and ran off to pout. He can't handle the drink very well. It brings all of the problems in his mind out, and he gets all whiney and bitchy. I told him later that he needs therapy and I was dead serious. He probably doesn't think so, but oh well.

Anyway, to make a long story short, it's kind of funny that he was all jealous and angry because he thought I was hitting on her. Why? Oh, well, because he slept with her later that night. Proving my theory true, once again. That is, Rodney doesn't really want a healty relationship. He's still so hung up on Jessica that he can't have one. So, he gets into relationships that he knows won't work (Vanessa, Sarah), and/or he ruins good ones before they have a chance to actually happen (Lindsay, Stephanie). He's going to say I'm wrong and probably call me an asshole for bringing up Jessica, but it's all true. He needs to get some help. He doesn't want a new relationship because a) he's afraid he'll get hurt again, and b) the girls aren't Jessica. I'm actually really worried about him. Depression can sneak up on a person and as the Frogpond song goes "Life would never be the same without JEW...".

A friend of mine put something in perspective for me the other day. I think it was our new friend Matt. I was telling him about when I lost my job at Sirloin Stockade for calling in sick. It was only the second time in a year and eight months. Sure, it was the weekend the Kansas Relays were in town, but I only was going to take that Friday night off and go in the next morning. But my boss got pissy and told me that I'd have to come in and find someone to work for me. I was like, um, no - I'm sick therefore I can't come in at all. He rambled on a bit more and I kept saying I was sorry, but I wouldn't be in. Then he said "Well, then you can be sorry somewhere else." To which I replied "Okay." And I hung up. I always thought that meant I was fired, but as Matt said, it was more like I quit. He never said I was fired, he gave me an option and I took it. Even if it's not really that way, I like to think of it that way - it makes me happy.

Our housewarming/Theryn's birthday party is tomorrow. If everyone we invited comes, it's going to be a fucking huge party. We're going to barbeque around 6, and hopefully we'll be able to keep everyone out of the house. Well, mostly. Give 'em a tour and stuff, but it'd be much better to let them be rowdy outside then to be rowdy inside.

"You worry too much."

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