A Wasp and a W.A.S.P.

My weekend was somewhat uneventful... as far as I can remember. No, I didn't drink, I just have a bad memory. Shit, I haven't written since the 16th. The 17th was Theryn's 21st birthday. We had our housewarming party in conjunction with her birthday party. It went off without any problem and everyone had a good time. Except Leslie, who enjoyed the party until she started throwing up and passing out. Heh. I had to go in to work at 8am, so I got about four hours of sleep that night.

School started again on Thursday, and it's been okay. I guess I like all of my classes, though I can't really tell yet because I've only had them all once. I'm one of two guys in my Women's Studies class. That one should be interesting. Anyway, Friday night I went miniature golfing with Rodney, Sarah, and Theryn. I won, but finished three strokes over par. I was three under going into the back nine. Oh well, I keep improving.

On Saturday I went with Rodney, Lindsay, and Ben to the Olive Garden in Topeka. Damn that's good stuff. Then soon after I went with Theryn and her family to the Sports Page to celebrate her birthday. We came home and chilled for a bit and then we decided to go see Ben's Deandra as well as Exit 159 at the Bottleneck. I guess I never knew until that night that the lead singer of Exit 159 was one of the original members of Frogpond. She's a babe. They were pretty cool. Then we went to Perkins, as per usual after a show. Damn my chicken caesar salad was good!

I spent most of Sunday cleaning and finally unpacking. Theryn went to lunch with her brother, Ian. He's turned out to be an all right little shit. At one point, I think it was Sunday, anyway - a guy came by trying to get us to go to his garage to have our oil changed. So, I lied and said I did it myself - just to get him to go away. He saw that I was watching a Royals game and so we talked about that a bit. He asked for a drink of water, and since I respected the effort he was putting forth, doing his job and all, I thought I'd oblige. I told him to stay put, closed the door, grabbed the first thing in the 'fridge I saw and gave it to him. He thanked me and went on his merry way. As I close the door, I hear Ben say "Did you just give him a PEPSI?!"

"Uhm, yeah... sorry. I'll give you fifty-cents for it."

"Bitch bitch bitch. A penny saved is a penny earned."

"Oh, I'm sorry Ben, I forgot you were a miser. Just take it out of the money you owe me."

He later explained that he was pissed because I gave a complete stranger something that he bought with his money. Well, firstly, we could get into just who's money he spent, and secondly - JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!. First of all, it was one Pepsi - one that he had obviously forgotten about because it was in the back of the refrigerator and he was taking his Pepsi's out of the box on the counter. Second, I guess he's never heard of being nice. If I were doing that guys job I'd be very grateful if I asked for a drink of water and was generously given a soda to take with me. Now he'll say, well then why didn't I give him something of mine? Well, the Pepsi was the first thing I laid eyes on, and I wouldn't have cared if Ben had given that guy a Surge. For crying out loud!

Then last night, there was the wasp incident. I was upstairs, putting new pillowcases on our pillows, when something landed on my shoulder. I thought it was a fly, but when I looked down, it was a wasp. I hate wasps! A million thoughts ran through my head, the most prominent of which was that they say you're supposed to stand still so it doesn't sting you. Then I thought "Fuck that!" and brushed it off my shoulder with the pillow. Then came the part I'm least proud of - the part where I ran down the stairs like a frightened little girly. I then proceeded to sit on the couch with my arms wrapped around me, rocking back and forth trying to calm down. I hate wasps! It's a phobia, I can't help it. Karen came home a little while later and we both freaked out after trying vainly to kill the bastard. Then my heroic girlfriend came home. She's allergic to wasps and she bravely went upstairs and couldn't find the wasp. I came up to help and it dive-bombed me and, yeah you guessed it, I ran down the stairs again. It landed on the wall and Theryn killed it. I admit it, when it comes to dealing with my phobias, my girlfriend is a better man than I.

I've got most of my books for classes, except for my WS class. I only went to two of the four bookstores, but only one had any of the books and then it only had one. Oh well. I spent $94 on the books I did buy, so books look like they won't be that bad this time around.

Oh, did I tell you that my dad's getting married again? Look at me writing like I'm talking directly to a person. Anyway, he's marrying the woman with whom he cheated on his wife and eventually left his wife for. Not an ideal citizen, my father. He wanted me to be in the wedding. Despite the fact that I don't like to do that kind of stuff, I wouldn't have done this anyway. I can overlook some things, but to take an active part in this wedding would feel way too much like condoning his actions. So, I'm not there, dude.

Oh yeah, Goldfinger's coming to town October 5th. Well, according to the Showoff webpage and Rodney. That'll be cool. It's about god damned time!

"What's with all the italics?"

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