New experiences, all around...

I guess I should start from the beginning. Saturday we got our Ryder truck and loaded pretty much everything that Theryn, Karen, Ben, and I had to take to the new place. Then we all got ready and had a party at Karen's place because her asshole roomate was at work. Let me tell you, I have never been more drunk in my life! I laid down on the couch and couldn't move. I was concious for all but about thirty minutes, but I just couldn't move. I tried to sit up on a couple occasions - 1) when I heard "skinny-dipping!!!" and 2) when I had to pee like a rushing race horse. I was so dizzy when I did that that I just laid back down. When I finally did get up to pee, everyone was outside. When I was done and came out, I saw Karen's asshole roomate throwing bottles into a trash bag. I thought "Uh-oh." I staggered out to the couch and fell on it. Then the asshole and I had a little conversation.


"Why don't you get the fuck off of my couch and get out of my fuckin' house."

A very drunken me

"No, I think I'll go sleep in Karen's room - the one she pays for..."


"Well, she only paid through the 31st and it's the first now."

A very dizzy me leaning against a wall

"Okay, well, let's wait until Karen gets here and then we can discuss it."

At that point I sent someone to get Karen and after that I went and sat down in her room. She came in and I told her that Mike was out there and she said she knew and that we should get the hell out of there. We did that and after everyone was out, the asshole blockaded the door. Everyone was afraid he was calling the cops, Theryn's car had only room for one person, I was drunk, so Theryn drove herself and me to my parents house with me in the backseat being drunk and telling her how to drive. Kevin, yes that's right - Kevin, and Karen brought Theryn's car to my parents house. I missed Danger Bob's last show. I was all for going but then I passed out. "Rodney 'NEVER' wants to hear an excuse about it. Nor will he fall for my 'ill turn this around and make it look like its your fault' conversation either. Nor will he listen to the 'oh, boo hoo, i dont really care about danger bob' speach. When he's damn good and ready he'll bitch me out. He expects me to take it. He doesn't want the 'okay rodney, whatever' responce either. What he has to say should make me feel bad, and if it doesn't, IF it doesn't affect me in any way, he guesses we aren't as good of friends as we thought. He wants me to think about that."

I stopped writing this because I had actual work to do at work, and so this entry is going to end here, I guess. Since I don't know where I was going from here, I'll just start anew.

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