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December 13, 2000

Everybody does it, maybe you should too.

My mom just told me to watch Gore and Bush tonight. I asked her why and she said it was because Gore is going to concede and Bush is going to accept. I guess the Florida Supreme Court said the hand-counted ballots were unconstitutional for some reason. After all that bullshit, they decide to chuck it all and go back to where we were in early November. Shiiiiit.

It snowed like the dickens last night. Theryn came downstairs before she left for work and said "There's six inches of snow out there". Makes me wish I had some boots. Maybe I'll go to Payless later and get some. Though I hate driving in weather like this.

Rodney finally got a new car. It's a 1990 Honda Accord. It's very very nice. He brought it home last night and we got in it to cruise around in his new ride. He handed me an envelope and told me to put it in the glovebox. I tried to open it but it wouldn't open so I told him to unlock it. "It's not locked, it's just stubborn." Which, to me means - pull harder. I pull harder and the lever comes off in my hand. THEN he tries to unlock it, and the lock won't turn at all. He decides to deal with it later and tries to start the car. He turns the key and it tries to start but it's like the battery got low all of the sudden. The car is acting like it's possessed - lights flashing, my seatbelt thing not moving but groaning like it was trying to, the spedometer needle starts jumping back and forth, it was fucked up. So he gets under the hood and checks the battery. He touches the positive connector thing and it comes right off. After he gets that tightened the car starts and we're on our way... without the aid of a spedometer... it stopped working for some reason. So yeah, it was fucked up and he was supposed to get it fixed today but at this point I haven't seen him more than three minutes and he seemed pissed off all three of those mintues so I don't know if he got it fixed.

I left with Rodney and Mia after typing that last sentence to go Christmas shopping. He didn't get anything fixed today but found out that the glovebox thing would cost about $40. I told him yesterday that I'd pay half so looks like I'll be owing Rodney $20. I got Theryn's present while I was out. It'll probably be her only tangible Christmas present seeing as how I'm pretty broke right now.

I have a final tomorrow then I'm done until Monday. One Monday then 8:30am on Tuesday as well as 7:30pm Tuesday night. After that, I'm done. Fuck. I'm screwed.

You know, I really want to know what happened to my friend Kristen. Maybe I'll get some pictures scanned that I have of her and post them up around the internet saying "have you seen/chatted with this girl?" I really do hope she's okay. I haven't heard from her since the first week of October when she said her boyfriend would be driving to Missouri the weekend of my birthday so she could stop by and stay for my party. That was over two months ago. Now, granted, there was a huge amount of time that we didn't talk between the most recent stint since she moved to Colorado, but that was more of a... we didn't have plans to see each other... hell, we'd never seen each other. It's just weird. I hope she's okay.

Rodney and I did end up going on a little drive in his new car last night. We went to Westlake Ace Hardware - both of us wanting to get a spare key made of our car keys. We get in there and there's this kid behind the counter who didn't know what the fuck he was doing. So two or three people get in line behind us and they call over the intercom for help for the stupid bastard that's trying to find our keys. However, the old guy who comes to save the day didn't help the other customers - he started helping the kid try to find the right keys. We're standing there and my phone rings (Did I tell you? - Theryn and I got cell phones about a month ago) and it's Mia. She's alone at work and there's a mouse running around and although it's a cute one, it's scaring her and she wanted us to come "kill it". So we get our keys back and head over to rescue Mia. We get there and stand around for a while and finally see the mouse and it was the smallest cutest little thing. I really don't know how anyone could have been afraid of this mouse. Anyway, we fucked around trying to catch this mouse until it was time for her to close the store and we left. It was the most exciting night before stop day I've ever had.

I can't wait fo' Christmas!

"It's gonna be alright. I don't fuckin' care anymore."

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