Merry Christmas Eve!

You see, I meant to post an entry on the 14th, but I got distracted and so here's the text of that message:

"I did write that ten-page paper. I wrote it in less than... I'd say six hours. I was quite proud of myself. I got the results by email today, I got a 68/75 on the paper, an A. My teacher went on to add that I got a C in the class because my attendance and class participation were lacking. I can understand the class participation, but my attendance wasn't that bad. Oh well. I don't know what I got on my Psych final, but I ended up with a D in the class. I expected a little more, but once again, oh well. So if I get the A I think I'm going to in my English class, I could end up with an A, a D, and two C's. That is assuming I do and have done well in my Philosophy class, which I think I have. However, the last time I thought I'd done well on a philosophy test, it turned out I did very poorly. I think I did well on my final, so I guess I'll just hope for the best. My work habits need to change. But enough of all that bullshit...

I bleached my hair friday night, so now I look very similar to this. That picture was taken a long ass time ago. I'm wearing my "punk jacket",(newer and better representations can be found here and here.) and I'm standing in front of Rodney's poster wall in his old apartment long before it was torn down by the Evil One. The info on the picture says it was last modified August 22, 1998. It was taken before I dyed my hair blue. This was the first time I was blond and the first time I dyed my hair.

My friends are at it again. Rodney and Deandra are fighting again, but they're doing it through their online "journals". It's just silly. I've tried to promote my site, you know? I want people to read what I've written. Granted, it has gotten a lot more personal, but in the beginning I just had the itch to write, and I did. I mean, go here, scroll to the bottom, and be amazed by the randomness! They're acting like children, and when I see them next, I'm going to tell them that. Of course, I probably won't see Deandra until she comes back from Texas. I wonder how well she and Jacque have thought out this trip. I wonder if they're getting a hotel room or what. It doesn't matter, but these are things that have crossed my mind.

Maybe I should be an editor. I can't help but notice grammatical mistakes, syntactical errors, punctuation mistakes, and all that general bullshit. Speaking of that, not to be down on Ben (ha!), but he sent out one of his "mass e-mails" the other day. It was about what's been going on with him lately, mainly talking about Megahn - his girlfriend. I told him what I thought of it. I thought it was one of the most piss-poor uses of the english language that I've ever seen. He was inconsistantly consistant about using capitalization. He'd capitalize the first letter of the sentence, but not "I" or the names of people. Or vice versa, or he wouldn't capitalize anything. Typos and misspellings were in abunance.

So, I'm over the writing thing. I went through and played editor and sent him the correct version. Jacque and Deandra went down to Texas and came back okay. Did I mention that Theryn is staying for New Year's Eve? Well, she is and that's cool.

We had an "El Rancho Christmas" on Tuesday. Ben's beanie came early - we didn't think it'd come until the middle of January. That was cool. It came on the same day Rodney's Pittsburgh Penguins beanie. Rodney got me Showoff and a little bar towel that says "Murphy's Irish Stout" (Mia helped pick this one out!), Mia got me a pita (she was terribly excited about this), Karen got me Billy Madison (yay!), Ben got me Myst, and the present Theryn let me open was a Vans shoe thing. You know, at the shoe store, those things on the floor with mirrors that you use to tie your shoes and then see how they look on you. Yeah! One of those! It's been a good Christmas so far!

I don't have to work tomorrow/today/Christmas Eve, because my office is closed. Yay! Ugh, I've been up at 7am the past two days. What kind of vacation is this anyway? Oh yeah, the kind where I have rent to pay so I'm working a lot.

Let's see. I'm proud of Rodney. Why? Well, for one, he's learned to take pills. Two, he's approaching his current relationship with caution, care, and understanding. He's not rushing into things, which is very cool. Three? Well three is more of a happy feeling for him. He's finally happy again. He's forgotten, or at least gotten over, the Evil One, and he's moved on. Three cheers for moving on!

This past Saturday night from 12am until 5am I went with Sean and Hans, who recently acquired jobs with the Information Systems staff at CRINC, to Youngberg (the building that houses CRINC) to play Starcraft on the nice computers and network there. It was awesome. We'll have to do it again. And if someone I work with is reading this, um, we didn't really do that, I'm lying.

Well, I'm off to play some Starcraft! Since I probably won't write again until after...


"Yeah, that's great. I'm Jewish."

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