Suburban Rythmn

You know, 60 minute tapes just aren't any good when you're making mixed tapes. Well, they're not good for much at all, but that's not to say I'm not grateful for the six or so I got from my mom for Christmas. It's just that when I make a mixed tape with one, it so short when I'm listening to it! 90 minute tapes aren't that much longer, but they seem so much longer. Oh well.

I don't know why I don't update this page more. I'm going to try to, but I'm sure I've said that before. It's been 16 days since I last updated. Some weekend, or maybe over spring break, I need to sit down and just redesign my entire page completely. I need to get rid of some of the shit. For example, I'll bet one of the least looked at pages is the list of my cd's. It's outdated, and besides, who the fuck cares? Hi, I live in Kansas. These are the cd's I own. I'm sure some guy living in Bolivia who just happens to stumble across my page really fucking cares. Of course, that same guy probably doesn't give a rat's ass about anything on this page, but you see my point. I'm just tired of looking at the same old thing. I need to learn to do more stuff with html.

Rodney made a pretty cool page here. I'm probably going to help him with it. He says it's a good idea, but he just doesn't want to do the html part of it. So I told him I'd be more than happy to do that part if he just provided the information.

I can't think of much more to write, so I'll take the Rodney way...

I don't think the Ranger's going to like this, Yogi...

"... no wonder, it was never plugged in at all."

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