At the risk of people finding this out here who should only find out by my telling them, I got a tattoo! It's a skull on the outer part of my right calf. It's about the size of an orange and it's fucking cool. The site that had a good picture of the skull I got tattooed seems to be down, so when it comes back up or I get a picture of my tat, I'll post it. Rodney got pretty much the same tattoo on his left leg, and before you call us losers, Rodney's words:

"Eddie and I got tattooed on Saturday. Driving back from his house today, I realized something that maybe we have both overlooked. Yeah - we have known each other for 8 years or so, and we will probably know each other for the rest of our lives. Now, we have matching tattoos, it's kinda like, well... I don't know. Kinda like the whole "blood brothers" thing, but we didnt stab each other and mix my jew blood with his mexican blood. But I never even thought about it until today...we'll have it to the grave." And that's pretty fucking cool, if you ask me.

On to the story. We went to Kansas City to get them done. We went to the same place Jacque took Rodney to get his lip peirced. We walk in, show the guy what we want, he makes his color suggestion and then tells us it'll be about $100. That was a little out of my price range, so I wasn't going to do it. I told Rodney he should, and then the guy says if we both got it done, he'd drop the price to $150 for both. So I spent $75 to save my friend $25. Oh well, I'm really glad I did it. I want another one now. It didn't hurt that bad, and the pain was actually kind of good. After it was done, I felt more punk than I had ever in my life. It was kind of a euphoric feeling. My sister and Nancy are proud of me. And actually, I'm pretty proud of myself. When it comes to shit like that, I tend to be a lot of talk and not a lot of action. But I did it, and that's fucking cool.

I should start my car today. It's been sitting in the driveway for several weeks now. I haven't used it because I haven't needed to, plus it's a bitch to get running in the winter. I can't wait for the weather to start warming up, because then I can use my car and also I can wear shorts and show off my tat! Good god, I'm such a loser.

Rodney's been giving me shit for not updating more often. I always have the best intentions to update, but then I just don't. I guess it's because I don't like to have entries that are only three or four sentences. Since I make you wait, it makes the new entries that much better, right? Whatever. Anyway, it's my page I'll update when I want to. And if you want to know when I do update, go to the main page and click on "notify" and sign up for my notify list. It'll put you on a list and I'll post to that list when I update. I think everyone on it can post to it too.

One of the best things I've ever done, I think, is taping Ensign and Goldfinger's cover album and bringing it in my bag today. I'm fully enjoying listening to them. Makes updating, being on the computer, and probably studying (if I get around to that) a lot better. Plus, it's like my own little soundtrack to my life and shuts me off from the world. People don't tend to try and talk to someone who has headphones on.

You can see it, but it's not a fish.

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