I am rapidly becoming an Ebay junkie. I originally went there because Rodney's got something he wants to sell and I went there to see if he could sell it there. Indeed he can. But while I was tooling around the site, I came across some 10,000 Maniacs stuff and some Elastica stuff. There's so much cool stuff and here I am, poor. Damn damn damn. I did win my first auction today, though. I got an Elastica 1" pin. See it here.

I just walked down the hall where I work and I saw my Psychology professor from last semester. Professor Crandall was here! He has taken the lead as my favorite teacher/professor. He's just a cool guy, and I hope to have him as a professor again.

Man, I want to go to the Social Chaos Tour '99 on Sunday... but I'm so poor. I mean, I'm going, but I just don't yet know how I'm going to finance it. Hopefully I'll win tickets... but that would mean having to listen to the Lazer more often. Oh well, I'll find a way.

Today has gone by really, really slowly. The past few work days have gone really fast. That's probably because I've had work to do today so instead of sitting in front of this computer and zoning out for five hours, I've been running around the office, making copies, getting and sending mail (USPS and campus mail, that is), and all kinds of crazy stuff. I'm not complaining, just noting.

Man, this was a short entry.

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