Worlds of Fun?

So on Friday night, Theryn and I rented She's All That and waited for Ben to get home from his trip. Once he did we all went to the Java Break to see how him and hear how his trip went. We didn't stay long, since Theryn and I were getting up in the morning to go to Worlds of Fun. We got up at 10am on Saturday, were at the park by noon and then the "fun" began. I'm not a rollercoaster or thrill ride fan, so my day was done after we'd ridden the two water rides that weren't that "thrilling". And then I did what I always do at Worlds of Fun - wait. Since I don't like thrill rides, I end up sitting on benches waiting for the rest of my group to get through the long lines and then the ride. I don't really mind doing this, since I like to watch people. And while I was watching people I got some sun, which I badly need. I'm half Mexican, but you really couldn't tell that just by looking. I'm still quite pale. And this was the first summer since grade school that I've worn shorts. Anyway, back to the waiting. Theryn finally convinced me to ride a ride called "Cyclone Sam's". She said it wasn't that bad. So I agreed. I should have run screaming when I saw that it was a level five, double black diamond rated - which means it was an "aggressive" ride. We got in after a long wait all the while hearing this thing about the ride that was really annoying and was on tape so it was the same thing over and over. We get in, sit down, and it starts going. It's a spinning ride, but while it spins, it also rocks. The result is a wobble, and a feeling of going up and falling, going up and falling, going up and falling - over and over and each time higher. Then it flipped on its side at about a fourty-five degree angle and spun around really fast. Then it leveled off and bounced up and down. Thing is, I hate the feeling of falling. This ride was hell for me. I know, I'm a pussy, but I didn't fucking like it. Things like that hold no appeal to me. The only thing I remember about the ride is Theryn apologizing over and over and the guy across from us saying "Is he going to throw up?". Then we went to see the bird show and meet up with Theryn's family. I just realized that I have never mentioned in this entry that JennyBobDole came with us. She did. It was cool. At some point in the day, Theryn's parents bought me some of this stuff called "Dippin' Dots". It was ice cream, but it was like little pellets. It was billed as "The Ice Cream of the Future". It was weird, but really good.

We left the park at about 8:30pm and went to Pizza Hut. About an hour or so after we left the park, the rollercoaster called "The Orient Express" derailed and two cars were dangling off of the track. Eleven people were injured, two critically. None of the injuries were life threatening, they say. The ride is closed until at least an investigation is complete. This kind of freaked Theryn out. She just kept saying that if we'd stayed longer she would have ridden it again, and could have been on it when it derailed. And that is kind of fucked up, but she wasn't and we were all okay.

Today was the Social Chaos, Anarchy in North America tour. It was supposed to be a whole shit load of bands at the Bottleneck and Liberty Hall. It ended up being just a lot of bands at Liberty Hall. I really wanted to see Murphy's Law, but they were cut from the show. I did get to see Sloppy Seconds, though. They're pretty cool. I was on the edge of the pit, being what I like to call a "pusher". Someone who stands at the edge of the pit and keeps it contained by pushing back on all the moshers when they try to branch out. And this was a good pit, too - meaning the people. They weren't mean and when someone fell, there were four or five people right there to help them up. I didn't even mind the crowd surfers. It was cool. This one very fine chick wearing a blue pleather jumper stage dived right in front of me. I saw she was going to jump so I put my hands up and boom! Her breasts fell right into my hands. I was just kind of stunned and then threw her off to the right to continue her journey. That was interesting. They weren't allowing pass-outs until 7pm. Around 7, we're standing in the lobby near the doors when this guy working the show comes up to a security guy and tells him how this big fat guy tried to get on stage and grab the mic. The guy working the show tried to stop him and the guy "put up his dukes". And wham! - the guy was maced. We then saw the guy being helped to the bathroom by two of his friends. A couple mintues later the friends come down and start bitching and yelling at the security guy, who in turn yells back at them. Then the fat guy comes out and talks to Jeff, the promoter and it looks like everything is fine. The guy goes outside, but then he comes back in and I guess he saw the guy who maced him because he started getting all pissed and throwing punches. Rodney got pegged on the neck and then the guy was restrained, kicked out and then the cops came and the excitement was over. It was cool! After five hours of being in Liberty Hall, we were ready to get some air. We went to my house to eat and came back. We went in for a while, but we had that "end of a show" feeling. We were really tired and didn't know the bands that were left very well, so we decided we were "punked out" for the day and left.

I hung out at Rodney's for a while with Rodney and Lindsay, then we went to the Java Break and saw a bunch of people and now here I am writing this instead of doing any of the things I should be doing. Oh fucking well.

You know, I see other people's journal sites, and they are totally open. They write anything and everything about their lives, about what they're thinking, what they're doing... and I am not really to that point yet. I think my main problem with that is that my journal started out as a rants page and all my friends have seen it, know where it is and read it regularly. I'm not quite ready to bare my soul to any friend who happens to come across this page. Maybe some day, but not today.

Only two weeks 'til we move into the new place!

Not going to tell us about the drug problem, eh?

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