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July 21, 2000


We move a week from tomorrow. Am I packed? Hardly. Hopefully I'll get enormous amounts of packing done this weekend. Will that really happen? I don't know, but I hope so.

Last night was the Plea for Peace show. I was basically going to go because Link 80 was supposed to play and I've been trying to see them for quite some time now. I totally forgot about the show and Theryn was at the store buying groceries so that when she got home we could eat dinner together. About 10 minutes before the show was supposed to start Rodney called and reminded me. So I left a note for Theryn and I swung by and picked Rodney up. When we got there, there was a list of bands and when they played. Link 80 wasn't on the list and that took the wind out of my sails. I'm sure all the other bands were/are good, but I didn't want to go anymore after I saw that Link 80 wasn't playing. I don't know why, I just didn't. I didn't want to spend nine dollars to stand around watching bands that I didn't particularly want to see. Since I didn't want to go, I told Rodney he could go and I'd come back for him later. Instead of taking me up on that he muttered something about coming back later and proceeded to pout. He didn't say a damned thing on the way back to his house. And I was thinking about it on the way home from his place - I didn't care. Usually when Rodney gets mad at me for not going to a show with him, I kind of feel bad. Last night was different. I realized that I didn't really fucking care if he was mad. He's been mad at me before and he'll be mad at me again. The bottom line was that I didn't want to go to a show, and so I didn't. I'll admit it was kind of bunk going there and then deciding I didn't want to go, but I think that's the only thing I did wrong. Oh - that and I grabbed a flyer for the show back when I thought Link 80 was playing. I mean, everyone knows that if you take a flyer you have to go to the show. No one ever puts up flyers for shows they didn't go to.

In other news, football season is just around the corner! The Broncos start their pre-season August 5th in Arizona. Training camp opened today! Woo-woo! I really, really, really hope they do better than they did last year. Davis is back, which will be a big boost - if he stays healthy and doesn't re-injure that knee. Griese is supposed to be the starter and Frerotte the back-up. Last year Brister (now a Viking) was the starter in the preseason and thinking that the starting job was his, didn't play up to his potential during the preseason. Result: Brister out, Griese in, Broncos go 6-10. Hey, that rhymed. Anyway, hopefully there won't be a quarterback controversy this year and hopefully whoever starts in the regular season will be able to lead the Broncos to their third Super Bowl victory in four years.

I thought I had a buyer for my car, but that fell through. The ad will start in the paper on Sunday. I'm a procrastinator, what can I say?

Oh, and to whom it may concern: Where's the bag of chips you owe me for eating an entire bag by yourself? Those potato chips were special to me...

"Shut up, you don't know me..."

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