Official Purity Test

So, I took this test and some of the questions are pretty lame, but there you have it. According to Spark, I'm 54% pure. According to the ACL I'm 44% pure. So I guess it just all depends on the questions asked.

Man, one thing I really don't like to do is call people that I don't know. Like, at work. Sometimes you have to call a person to see if they want to come pick up their contract or if they want us to mail it. Or we need something from someone and we have to call to get it. I guess I'm in the wrong profession. I don't know why this is, but I just don't like to call people. It's really weird. I'm going to have to call the cable company to get our cable set up at the apartment... but that won't be so bad. It's really fucking weird. I guess I'm really fucking weird. It's just one of those things...

I remember some of the weirdest stuff. And most of them are bad things. Like the time at my grandmother's house when my sister Rachel and I were coloring in our coloring books and she said or did something that made me mad so I said "Oh yeah, well..." and I took a crayon and scribbled all over the pages she'd colored. I felt so bad as soon as I'd done it. I mean, obviously since I still think about it and I still feel bad about it. Or the day in third grade that Rachel finally let me wear to school this really cool watch she had and she told me not to break it. And I was really, really careful not to break it. But what happens? I was playing basketball and I got tripped and fell and of course the watch got broken. I ran inside and told her. I promised I'd get it fixed or buy her a new one, but I was in third grade and had no income. Perhaps she'll get a watch for her birthday this year.

It's so weird. I don't know why I hold grudges against myself like that. She probably doesn't remember either of those things. Well, maybe the watch thing. And I remember the time that I was at the trailer park where my grandparents used to live and I "found" an aluminum baseball bat. It was in a field near a trailer and I knew it was owned by this one guy who we all knew but I can't remember his name. I hid it and told my friend Matt Flory about it. He looked at it and traded me all of his Garbage Pail Kids. It was a rather large paper sack full of them. I took them to my grandma's house and was looking through them when my mother asked where I got them. I didn't want to tell her that I traded a baseball bat that wasn't mine for cards that weren't mine, so I lied and said Matt had just given them to me. She made me give them back. I still remember the walk. It was three trailers down and I was trying to figure out a place or a way to hide them so that my mother wouldn't know about them and I could keep them. I didn't come up with one. All of those would be worth some hella money now. The GPK's I did have I sold to Courtney in like, sixth grade. I wonder if she still has them.

I went with Ben, Jeremy, and Jeremy's new "friend" Laura to a Royals game last night. I got to see Ken Griffey Jr. hit his AL leading 33rd home run, but the Mariners lost 9-7. Oh well.

"Griffey's the man!"

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