Our plane was scheduled to leave at 1:30pm on Thursday. That flight was cancelled. We finally got on the 3:15 flight at 5:30pm. St. Louis it seems was closed for a few hours on account of weather. Once we finally got to St. Louis, we had to rush to make our next flight. We were more worried about it than we needed to be, though. We got on the plane and made it to Boston at 10:55pm. My sister was waiting for us and we made the two or so hour drive to her place in Amherst. We slept until noon the next day and Rachel (my sister) called us to see if we wanted to go to a show in Cambridge. The show? Face to Face. I about shit my pants. Unfortunately, the show was sold out - just as we figured it would be. So, Rodney, I couldn't get you anything from the show.

Last night we went to see the South Park movie. I missed quite a bit of the movie because I was in the bathroom. I guess something I had eaten didn't agree with me. So, I'll just have to go see it again. And again, and again. Since, the stuff that I did see was fucking hilarious! I think we're going to go to the basketball hall of fame tonight. I'm not sure, though, since it's already almost five o'clock.

I'm updating on my sister's laptop computer. I'm already used to the fucked up keyboard. What I'm not used to is the fact that as I type, the cursor keeps jumping up near the top of the page. It's really starting to piss me off. But at least I got to update and check my mail. Unfortunately, BTG seems to be fucked up, so I can't get in there. Oh well.

"Watch the movie!"

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