Say it ain't so...

Wednesday was a sad day for the sport of football. A man that could be called the greatest running back of all time retired on Wednesday. Barry Sanders is only 1,458 yards away from breaking Walter Payton's career rushing record. I think it's sad that he's retiring, but I also understand it. If I were a running back of his calibre and was on a team that managed a winning record only four times in the ten years that I played for them, I wouldn't feel like playing anymore either. It would have to be very frustrating to be an all-pro running back, to be the best running back in the game, and not make it to the Super Bowl once. I think it's lame that the Lions won't trade him, but I guess I understand that too. From what I know, Barry just decided to not show up to mini-camp or training camp and then retired. I don't know if he ever asked to be traded, but if a player disrespected me and the team like that - even if it was Barry Sanders - I wouldn't do him any favors. So, I see both sides of the coin and they both add up to this - Barry Sanders was the best running back in the NFL and now he's gone. And that just sucks.

However, it does make room for Terrell Davis to be the best running back in the NFL. Hee hee.

Oh man, I shouldn't have eaten that cake. It was someone's birthday here in the office and they had this lemon cake... and it's churning in my stomach. Ugh.

Well, we move this weekend. Tomorrow we start loading up the Ryder Truck and on Sunday we unload it in our new place. I'm so excited. I've got Monday off of work so that I can sleep in at my new place and have all day Monday to decorate and such. This is going to be so cool. Class is over, so work is all I'll have to worry about until mid-August. I was getting a C before today's final, and I think the final went pretty well, so I should be a-ok. I hope so.

Ben, Rodney and I leave for our trip on Thursday. We're dropping Rodney off somewhere in Texas to see his current obsession, Vanessa, and then Ben and I are heading to Baton Rouge for the BTGmeet where we'll meet Desdemona and Lasher, and others - maybe. I'm excited. Of course I'm poor so we won't really be able to do anything, but it'll be neat to meet these people with whom I talk to and have made friends with online but have never actually met.

I think that's all I have to say right now, but if not, maybe I'll post some more.

That's right, I said Terrell Davis

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