Here Today, Hot Tomorrow

Although I'm really enjoying my time out here, I think I'm ready to come home. But then again, coming home means school, work, and homework. I guess it's all good though. I read Rodney's page today and when I was done I was about to get up and call him, but then I realized that I'm in Massachusettes and not Kansas. Another think I'll enjoy when I get home is air conditioning. Rachel's apartment doesn't have air conditioning. I thought it would be okay, since we're in the northeast. I thought we'd have some cooler weather, but it's been really hot and humid. Boy, listen to me bitch.

Yesterday we went to Norwich, Connecticut to watch their fireworks display. It was pretty awesome. It was over water and it lasted for about half an hour. They put it to music and the last song that they played was Tubthumping - a song by British Anarchists... very patriotic. Then we drove the two hours back and went to bed. Theryn and I are sleeping on a pull out couch, which isn't very comfortable, but it's better than no bed at all and/or not being able to sleep with each other.

Theryn's watching a soap opera right now. She asked me what channel ESPN was and then left the t.v. on a soap opera. That sucks.

Today we're going to try to go to air conditioned places because it's so damned hot. It's probably hotter in Kansas, but that doesn't make it seem any cooler here. We're going to go see Big Daddy, which Theryn and I have already seen, but Rachel and Keith haven't and they did go see South Park for a second time so we could see it for a first, so I guess it all evens out. Man, how's that for a run-on sentence.

My man Agassi made it to the finals of Wimbledon but Sampras was hot. A win at the French and a runner-up at Wimbledon is pretty good since he was ranked like 115th in the world only like six months ago. Oh, yeah, he also attained the number one ranking in the world. That probably won't last for long, but he's got it now. Oh yeah, and the US Women's team is in the finals of the World Cup. At least our women can win.

For some reason I've taken to getting car sick. It has never happened to me before this trip. I guess it started on the airplane, but carried over to the car. Theryn seems to be doing crunches over there on the floor while she watches "I Love You To Death" on t.v. She's so weird. I guess we're getting ready to go so I should stop writing now. More later - either from here or when I get home.

"I won't bother you, so don't bother me."

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