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July 6, 2000

To the moon, Alice!

I must say that I understand why our town is going nuts over the fact that Roy Williams is leaving. I would have thought most of the people I know would understand too, since they're - for the most part - diehard Jayhawk basketball fans. This town is Jayhawk basketball. Everyone loves it and everyone love Roy. We don't want to see him go. Now I will admit that the Urinal World has gone a little crazy, what with running stories about Williams' partial ownership in golf resorts in North Carolina - how's that news? But you also have to understand that he's been here for what, 12 years? It's always hard to say goodbye to someone you love/admire/respect/etc.

Our Fourth of July party didn't go off as planned. Jill was the only person that showed up that I don't hang out with on a regular basis. While it was really good to see her, I really wish more people had shown up. I didn't invite a hoard of people, but you know, it would have been a nice gesture to at least call. Oh well, fuck it.

We move into our new place soon and we haven't seen it again or signed the lease. Hopefully this weekend that will happen. I think I'm going to start packing this weekend... yeah, I am. I'm going to start in the loft and actually throw shit away this time. Hopefully, since this will be only my second move, I'll get into the habit of not keeping everything so that in a year when Theryn and I are married and we move into our own place, we'll have space for everything.

Today is my boss' reception/recognition/going away party. She's taking a job in Seattle that starts on August 1st. It was because my sister dated the son of my boss' best friend that I got this job. Well, basically. Susan, the mother of my sister's ex-boyfriend, really likes me and she's best friends with Kim, my boss. Two years ago Susan found out Kim's office was hiring and told me. I filled out an application, got an interview and through the power of "knowing someone", I got this job. Zippity doo dah.

I hope Rodney gets a job tending bar somewhere soon - I hate having to pay for my drinks.

"I gotta get away, find something to do..."

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