The Final Night

Well, we head back home tomorrow. I'm going to post this as July 6th, but I'm really writing it on the night of the 5th. I enjoyed seeing my sister and where/how she lives. Until now her life up here had only been stories told over email. Now I'll know some of the people she talks about in the email and about the area. Her friend Sarah is taking us to the airport tomorrow, which is really nice. We're giving her $25 for gas, parking and tolls. Although that is a bit much for my low budget but it's a lot better than the bus tickets that would probably have been double that price. Plus, this girl is cool. She's punk, pierced and damned cute.

Let's see, what'd we do today? Well, Theryn and I slept until about 11:30. A couple hours later Rachel and Keith crawled out of bed and we all decided that we should go somewhere with air conditioning. So we went to the mall and then to a movie. We saw Big Daddy, which I think I said we were going to do in my last entry. It was still funny this time around and it's going to be Sandler's big break movie. I think more people will start taking him seriously because of this movie. Let my random mind interrupt here - Snoop Dogg just came on on the mix tape I'm listening to. Everything is allright again. Damn I make good mixed tapes. Anyway, after the movie we went to a bar and grill, ate a little bit and then played pool until the sun went down. When we got back Theryn and I sat around cooling off in front of the fan and reading while Rachel and Keith went to change Rachel's tags on her car. And now here we are. Theryn's watching t.v. and eating Frosted Flakes and I'm writing this. Vacation indeed.

One of the worst things about being in here with no air conditioning that we have the sliding doors open and the bugs keep getting in, despite the screen doors. I hate insects. Especially when I'm just sittin' there and all of the sudden there's something crawling on me.

One of these days I'm going to have enough money to have a good laptop like this one so that I can update from where ever I may go. Plus, it'd just be damned cool to have a laptop of my own.

I have so much homework to do for Wednesday. I fool myself by saying that I'll get up around noon tomorrow and get most of it done. Most likely I'll sleep until I have to get up, and then do some tomorrow night, skip one more day of class, go to work on Wednesday, get off work, go home and do all my homework around 10pm on Wednesday night.

Some time soon I need to start packing. Only 27 days until we move into our new place and I haven't really started to do any serious packing. I think I'm going to stop writing now and post this since every word I type keeps looking like it's spelled wrong.

You'd better get that homework caught up!

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