I've hit that stage again. That point in a class where I just can't seem to make myself want to do the work. This time it was because I had a full head of steam and was doing really well in the class and then took a short vacation and fucked it all up. I don't regret going on the vacation, it's just that since I did, I got behind. Normally that wouldn't be such a problem, but this time it's a) a math class and b) a summer class, therefore, moving through the material at a rapid pace. I'm terribly behind now. I know I can catch up, but it's just like... really hard to even start doing the work. I know I have to, and therefore I will, but it's tough. I figure I can get away with not doing a couple of the assignments I missed, aka the assignments that were due before the test that I've already taken. I figure that because I was doing really well in the class - I was the head of the class, you might say. I'll get over it, pass with flying colors and move on. It's just going to be tough.

I got paid today, but since I don't get paid again until the 23rd and it's going to be a small paycheck since I also missed some work to go to Massachusettes, I'm going to have to be very thrifty with my money. August 1st I'll have to pay rent, get utilities set up and paid for, pay my share of the bill for the Ryder truck, and then hopefully have some money left over to eat and to go to Louisiana for the BTGmeet(a gathering of people who chat on Beyond the Grave). Theryn can't afford it, so she's not going. Ben and I have agreed to take Rodney down to see Vanessa in Texas if he'll pay for all the gas needed for the entire trip. So assuming that she agrees to have him for a weekend, we won't have to worry about gas. That's a load off of my shoulders. It wouldn't have been that much, but when you don't have that much money to begin with, a little turns into a lot. That didn't make too much sense, but my brain is kind of numb right now, so I hope you'll forgive me.

Speaking of Ben, he's on a road trip right now. He drove down to see Leah in Texas, then he's going to see Rhiannon, I believe. Then Lasher/Melissa, then Nicole/Magikal. I think I may have the two inbetween mixed up but I'm sure of the first and the last. I just hope he drives better on this trip than he does in town and that he keeps his hands to himself around the ladies. Especially the 16 year old. I'm not saying she'd do anything, or that if she did she's not old enough to decide, I'm just saying that he needs to be careful because there are a lot of crazy people and parents out there.

I learned today that Miss Chrissyp might decide to take down her page. This cannot happen! Her page is wonderful! It is a window into her life that now, after all the months of reading her page, I can't imagine it not being there! You must go there and read her stuff, then tell her how awesome it is and that she shouldn't take it down!

I think we're going to go see American Pie tonight. I'm not sure though. It might be sold out by the time we get there. If that's the case, we'll go see South Park again, since I didn't really see it the first time. I hope that once I get some food in me this feeling of just floating along in the world will go away. I could have sworn I just heard Joanne(one of my bosses) say "Where are we on the perodic table?". Anyway, this floating feeling started this morning. I thought it was just because I had just gotten out of bed and then was driving to work. That's a scary feeling - that hazy sort of not really awake feeling. Well, it's scary when you're driving, anyway. I have to re-read what I'm typing here to be able to fully understand it, and make sure that it makes sense. I hope this all makes sense, if not, you'll have to forgive me. Well, you don't have to, but if you don't, then you'll just have to be mad. And if you're one of those people, go here.

It's okay, I forgive you.

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