10 East, 435 North, 70 East.

Rodney and I went to a baseball game today. Well, technically. We're stupid so we didn't get exact directions to where we were going, figuring that we had been there before and how hard could it possibly be? Well, it turns out that it's harder than we thought. Neither of us had driven to the stadium before either. After driving around Kansas City for a while, we finally made it. We got there before the game started and watched the Indians score two runs in the top of the first, and then the Royals scored five in the bottom of the first. We sat for about two more innings and then these really black, scary looking clouds came rolling in from the west. We decided that a free baseball game between two teams neither of us really give two shits about was not worth getting rained on or possibly killed by a tornado. We headed home. On the way home, the rain hit. Or rather, we ran into the rain. It let up towards Lawrence, but when we got a mile from the East Lawrence exit, traffic stopped. I turned the Lazer on hoping that they'd tell us just what exactly was making it so that we were stopped on the interstate. Turns out that at least three semi-trucks had gotten into an accident between the East and West Lawrence exits. The State Patrol's solution? Send every vehicle heading west on I-70 through Lawrence to get back on the interstate from west Lawrence. Great. We sat in line for about an hour and a half or so just to get through the mile and a half we had left to get home. Then we stopped at a Burger King where they screwed up my order and gave me cold onion rings and a nasty Whopper Jr. The seats at the game were good ones, though. Especially for being free. Too bad we ended up not really wanting to stay. I'm not even sure what the score of the game is/was. I'll go check. Woohoo! Cleveland 6-5. Right on.

I am going to be so happy when we move into our new place. I will finally have a place where I feel at home and comfortable. If I want to turn the air conditioner on and make it colder in the house, I'll be able to. For some reason, the rest of this place is cold and Theryn's room is like a sauna. And I can't have the fan blowing directly on me for a long period of time because for some reason it hurts my eyes.

I'm listening to Unwritten Law's first album, "Blue Room", and the first song is so awesome. I consider it to be my song. When UL played it at the Warped Tour last year, Rodney came up to me and said "They played our song!" It was cool. Here's a little of how it goes - "I remember the way when we used to play/All our troubles seemed so far away/That was when I lived from day to day/Do you remember a time when all on our minds was having fun and catching a buzz/That was life for you and for me/Oh I want it back...". A great song.

Let's keep the money thing going. I'm going to Amherst on Thursday, Reel Big Fish on July 8, Rollins Band on July 11, Guttermouth and the Nobodys in Colorado Springs on the 16th, and Louisiana the first week of August. And the thing is, I don't have any money. I'm not going to be able to do all this stuff or have money to do it with. The next couple of months are going to be tight. Speaking of money, I need to go to my house sometime in the next few hours to get the money my mom's loaning me to pay tuition tomorrow. I'm going to go into the financial aid office and tell them to kiss my ass. Then I'm going to ask them to check the status of my fall financial aid. I hope they give me enough to go in the fall. That would suck if they didn't. So, I hope Theryn comes home soon, because I don't want to go alone. Well, it's less that then I won't have the get-up-and-go to do it until she gets here. Sure, it's just an excuse, but it works.

"See you later, thanks again, maybe we should just be friends..."

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