The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Shitty

Once again I hesitate to say that today is a good day, but it's been going pretty well so far. Theryn made me a delicious lunch, I got an even better parking spot than the one I got yesterday before class, class was short, I payed my tuition, there was a nice breeze on the walk back to my car, I got a prime parking spot at work, and I got to talk to Theryn before she left for her other job. You know, I totally take Theryn for granted. This is bad and I should stop doing it. I feel bad when I let her do things for me, like make dinner, but I never do anything to even the odds. I know it makes her upset and it pisses me off too. I'm going to have to try to help out more.

They don't like you to download things here in my office. They being the computer people downstairs who run the network. I got in trouble for downloading something several months ago, and I thought all that was in the past. Carol got a new computer the other day and they took the old one and saw some stuff that I downloaded long before they busted my chops the first time. Apparently Qvt_Term, WinAmp, and Sonique are going to compromise the network. I don't know how downloading that sort of thing would fuck anything up, especially since I know what I'm doing with them and do only certain things with them. Oh well. I'll just have to watch my back. And if I want to download something, I'm supposed to ask them first. Shiiiiiit.

I'm meeting my future roomates at four o'clock today to sign our lease. I figure that will make it all seem more real. I mean, I know we're going to move in there, we've got a U-Haul truck rented (in Lenexa because all the Lawrence truck companies were booked up), and we've put down a deposit. But until we sign the lease, well, I guess it all still feels sort of up in the air. I'm going to have a garage! I'm so excited about that. I haven't had a garage since we lived with our grandparents when I was like four years old. I only have a few memories of that, but they're all good. And we're going to have a backyard (sort of) and a patio and a driveway, and and and! Here is a picture of the roomates. From left to right: Karen, me, Theryn, and Ben. I apologize for the poor quality of the picture. I'm sure I'll have a better one soon. Man, it's only 2:30. I want to get the fuck out of here and go sign the god damned lease. Then, I want to get my hair cut before we go see Theryn's mom. It's Theryn's mom's birthday today. Man, shit. I can't think of her name. I think it's Deb but that doesn't sound right. Oh well, I rarely address her anyway.

Some son-in-law you'll make...

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