I left work at 3:30pm so I could be sure to get to Kaw Valley Management on time to sign the lease. I got there around a quarter 'til four. Fifteen minutes go by and no one has shown up yet. I figure my clock is a few minutes fast, so I don't get angry yet. When my clock said 4:15pm I was starting to get pissed, since I know my clock isn't that fast. A couple of minutes later Theryn shows up. She couldn't find the place so she called and they told her how to get there. It's good that she did that because Karen had forgotten to call earlier in the day to set up the appointment. We go inside and they're finishing up writing up the lease. I call Karen and she hustles on over. I try to call Ben, but the jackass was online and I couldn't get through. Sure, he went and signed the lease today, but it would have been nice to have all the roomates together to sign it. Like it would have been nice for all of the roomates to be there the second time we were shown an apartment. Ben parked in front of the dorm before he was supposed to meet us at the place for the showing and some jackass parked behind him for twenty minutes. Not really his fault, but we blame him anyway. Plus, I always try to be early. Much better to be early than late. And so it pisses me off when people are late. The whole golden rule thing gets broken when I'm always early and then everyone else is late. Oh, allright, I'll step down off of my soapbox now.

We went to Topeka last night to have dinner with Theryn's family. It was her mother's birthday and we went with them to the Olive Garden. Her mother works for a travel agency and had somehow gotten $100 in Olive Garden gift certificates. I really like her family, I just don't usually have anything to say around them. Her brother Ian has chilled out a little. A couple of really cute girls walked by the window while we were sitting there and I looked and he looked and then we noticed each other looking and shared a laugh. It was actually pretty cool. I had the Cheese Ravioli which was really fucking good. That plus the salad, bread sticks and Cherry Coke was just too much food, but I ate it all. Like I said, when I do get to eat, I eat until I can eat no more. Damn good food, and an enjoyable experience.

Our plane leaves at 1:30pm tomorrow headed for Amherst, Massachusettes. I think that's how you spell it. Anyway, we're going up there to visit my sister and spend the Fourth of July with her. It should be cool. This will be only the second time I've ever taken an airplane to my destination. I loved it the first time. Too bad my discman is broken. Oh well, mixed tapes and a couple of good books should suffice.

Man, I really want a soda but I've only got three pennies. Sure, I've got money in the bank but that doesn't do me one bit of good while I sit here at work. And even if I had a dollar, the dollar thing on the Coke machine downstairs is broken.

Before I leave tomorrow I have to: get my haircut, go home and see what mail I've got, get my walkman, do laundry, pack, and get some money out of the bank. Things I would like to do: Dye my hair, sleep, play some playstation... and some other things I won't get to do. This trip ought to be cool. I'll get to see an ocean for the first time. Only an hour and fourty-five minutes until I can get a start on the things I need to do.

You're dying your hair AGAIN?!

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