You know, one of these days I'll have an original idea... and my head will explode.

So I read Pamie's entry yesterday and thought about all the stuff I'd rather be doing than being here at work during my spring break. Then I realized that it had been a long time since I last updated - and since I thought Pamie's idea was a good one, I thought I'd borrow it.

Things I'd rather be doing today:

Well, Theryn probably doesn't want me to let this out to the world yet, but I can't contain it. We set a date for our wedding this past weekend. It's not set in stone, but as far as it goes now our wedding will be on Saturday, June 9, 2001. Over a year away, but as I just told Leah on AIM, I'm fucking stoked that we set a date. It's kind of freaking Theryn out, in that "we are actually going to do it... soon!" sort of way. I mean, she's happy, but... yeah.

The trip to see her family wasn't so bad, minus the extra hour and a half out of our way on the way home to get the scenic tour of Hays, Kansas. I just wanted to go home! I kept my mouth pretty much shut, though, like a good boy. We were sitting at the wedding reception watching the couple open their wedding presents and I looked at Theryn and said "Give me a date. I want to set a date". She originally said the third Saturday of June, 2001. I disagreed and we ended up agreeing on the second Saturday, June 9. That way there's a better possiblity that Nancy will be able to attend - she's getting married in July.

Rodney put it all in perspective for us on his rants page. He pointed out that this is probably the last year for our little group to be our little group. After the lease we sign on August first runs out in August 2001, Theryn and I will probably be moving away to whatever city her schooling or career takes her. And lord only knows where Rodney and Ben will be. I don't want it to end, and yet I know it must. And because of all of this I've been all reminiscent and shit. I've just been thinking about "back in the day", and how cool life was during the final quarter of our senior year of high school. We didn't give a fuck about school, I didn't have to work but still had a bit of money to throw around, and we just went out every fucking night and had a blast. And it was even like that after high school for a while. Even when I was working late nights at the Kwik Shop, and even when I was going to Johnson County we still basically went out every night and fucked around. Man, those were the days. We were finding our freedom for the first time, all kinds of crazy shows came to town, we fully discovered Punk Rock in all of its glory, the Lazer was still a decent radio station that everyone enjoyed listening to, and we basically didn't very many worries in our lives. I want it back dammit.

"I'm fuckin' innocent!"

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