"Still counting the days..."

Rather than be out-updated by Rodney and Ben, I might update more often. Maybe.

Happy birthday two days ago to my best friend Rodney! He turned 21 on the 8th. We, David and I, were out at midnight on the 7th getting him drunk. We hit the Replay first, then we tried Louise's, but the guy at the door told us it wasn't the eighth yet. I don't know about you, but I always believed that at the stroke of midnight, it's the next day. I guess he didn't want us to spend our money there. So after that we went to the Taproom, which is a cool bar - I like it. Though, the people that go there seem to be a bit older. The Replay is where I'd go to see people I know, the Taproom is where I'd go to unwind. It was fun until we were on the way home and Rodney leaned out the passenger side window of my car and started puking. He was smashed. He started out with a Mind Eraser(free) and moved on to a vodka sour, Sloe Gin fizz, four horsemen (a shot containing Jose Cuervo, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, though none of us could remember the Johnnie Walker so it was really only a three horsemen... and I could swear the Rodney's bar instructor said that there was no Cuervo in a four horsemen), a $3.50 shot of that good gin that I can't spell but you say it like tank-a-ray, and then we moved on to the Taproom where the bartender bought him a vodka sour and then he drank about half of my Coors. Yeah. So I get a free car wash. We went out drinking again on Monday night. This time we went straight for the Taproom. It was an expensive, yet fun four day weekend for me.

Goldfinger is coming to town! We didn't end up driving to Springfield, MO like we thought we were going to because we didn't have enough money and then the next day a show in Lawrence was announced! And then two days later we're driving to Omaha to see them play there. And if Theryn weren't graduating on the 21st, we'd have driven to St. Louis two days after Omaha and seen them a third time. What can I say? We're fans... well, except for Ben. I guess he's just "not a big enough fan".

Let's see. Yesterday was stop day, which was cool. I need to find out when my finals are. I think I might be able to pull a B in my Sociology class. I've not done very good work in there, but I've averaged a B. I didn't do one post, but I don't think that's going to hurt me too much. I need to do really well on my algebra final. The best I'm going to get out of that class is a C. My Philosophy class I'm not sure about and my Geology class I hope to get a C. So I could get two B's and two C's. Three C's and a B is likely... and that's okay because it is an improvement.

Ben bought The Sims and I'm hooked.

My mom gave me $600 towards my trip to England. That's totally amazing. She told me she was saving some money for me to use for the trip, but I was expecting something more like a hundred or so. I love my mommy.

Lindsay came over to watch Rodney's brother race on the Pay-Per-View we got on Saturday night. I haven't seen that girl in forever! She should come around our place more often. I know Rodney gets to see her all the time, what with Trevor dating her and with her practially living there, but yeah. So, Rodney - tell her to come visit Rancho the next time you see her - it'll get her out of your place, at least.

Tara, Julie, Gido, Jeremy, Sean, Adrienne, Ami, Kim, Jana, Jenna, Misty, Vicki - I haven't seen these people in forever. I want to hang out with them again, and the people that surrounded them. I want to reclaim the Java Break for our crew. I want the care-free days of high school back, but I also want to be able to go to bars. And I want a million dollars. And a Mustang, or two.

"Wherever I go, wherever I stay..."

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