It's Time to Party

I just want two o'clock to get here so I can leave work and go take my Geology final so that I can get it over with and then go see Gladiator. And then after that go with Rodney to buy the alcohol for his party and then begin to PARTY!

I guess I ask people to do me favors too often, and I guess I word the question wrong. I'll work on it.

There was an article in the Pitch about Goldfinger that was totally bunk. The author's information was all wrong and Rodney and I wrote a letter to let him know what was up. I'm proud of us - we took a stand.

Julie is supposed to be at the party tonight! Woo hoo! Oh yeah, and Jeremy is supposed to be there too! Tonight is gonna rule!

I don't know if I'm going to be able to go see Rollins Band tomorrow. I don't know how much it is or if there are tickets left, but I can't really afford one, let alone two and that's what I promised Jenny for her birthday - a ticket to Rollins. I guess I am going, since I promised.

"Let's go to the bridge!"

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