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November 11, 2000

W-Whattami gonna do??

Let me start this off by saying telling you a story. My rommate Ben asked me the other day what I'm going to do once I graduate from KU and move with Theryn to where ever it is she's going to go to law school. He asked if I'll do something in computers or if I'll start working at the Kwik Shop again. No, I'm not going to work at the Kwik Shop again after I get my degree. I'll have almost 4 years of office experience by then, plus I'll be two or three classes away from my history degree. So if I can't find a job with those two things, I'll probably do something in computers, since I've forgotten more about them than Ben will ever know. The more and more I thought about him asking me that question, the more angry I got. He's going to have a Women's Studies degree. He's working nights as a "cook". I'll just say that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. And if you think I'm being hypocritical by writing this on my web page, you can (as the saying goes) eat a dick. This page is a place for me, before all else, to get things off of my chest that are bothering me (note the "rants.html" in the url of the main page). I didn't talk to him directly about this because I'm still upset about certain things that have been going on in the recent past that have not and will not be discussed here - they need to be talked about face to face. So in the eternal words of Denis Leary - "Thank you, and fuck you!"

I went to see New Found Glory on Thursday night. I first saw them with Less Than Jake in July and then again with Face to Face in Omaha back in September and I was impressed. Rodney was too tired to go, Theryn had to get up early Friday morning as usual, so I went alone. I don't think I've gone to a show alone... since Luscious Jackson back in '96. The show right before that I went alone but Chuck showed up so I won't count that. Anyway, I got there too late to hear Lefty but Good Charlotte was just setting up when I got there. If I hadn't already set my money aside to buy the NFG cd, I would have picked up their cd. They were really good. Then NFG came on and kicked ass. I waited to buy the cd until after their performance because I wasn't too sure I remembered them as well as I thought I did, but I was wrong so as soon as they were done I went and picked up the cd. I think my favorite song so far is Better Off Dead. Anyway, I had to get up relatively early the next morning so I only stayed through four or five songs of Fenix, TX. They were alright but didn't live up to their reputation. Maybe it was because I was tired and ready to leave but I didn't think they were as good as everyone says they are.

After I got off work on Friday I went out to dinner and drinks with the people who work in my office. It was for my birthday - had to be this far after because it was the first time we all could do it. My boss paid for my dinner and my two drinks, which was fucking cool, and I had a really really good time. Then Theryn, Rodney, Mia and I went to see Ultimate Fakebook with The Anniversary and Hot Rod Circuit. HRC wasn't too bad, but I'm not a big fan of the Anniversary. I don't know, there's just something about that emo music that they play... it's so... I don't know, melodic maybe - anyway, it puts me to sleep. I like emo, but there is a certain style - the Anniversary for example - that just doesn't appeal to me that much. Then Ultimate Fakebook came on and fucking rocked the house. I really, really like them now. I mean, I always have, but that show vaulted them into my top ten category. Rock 'n' fuckin' roll!

Tonight wasn't nearly as exciting. In the afternoon Rodney and I drove around Topeka trying to find a car for him to buy. We found one but we couldn't find his mom - which was an essential part since she needs to co-sign for him. We finally get ahold of her and she's at home in Oskaloosa and doesn't want to drive back to Topeka. So we come home and proceed to sit on our asses. We sat around doing nothing until we found the Jackass marathon on MTV. If you haven't seen Jackass, you should. It's a bunch of crazy guys going around doing a bunch of crazy things and it's fucking hilarious! We watched that all night and that was about it. Theryn made yellow cake with chocolate frosting - that was basically the highlight of the evening. Oh, and we found out that Rodney's mom isn't going to co-sign for him like she said she would. Proving once again that Rodney's family is a bunch of dicks. I feel sorry for the guy - they wouldn't throw him a rope if he were going down in quicksand. Well, that's not true - they'd throw him a rope, but it wouldn't be tied down to anything.

Oh! Wednesday night I called my dad and told him he should drive down Thursday and buy me a drink and watch the KU basketball game with me. And wonder of wonders, he did! Not only that, he bought my dinner. I had a really good time. And the best part was that it was just him. His wife told him to go alone, since I'd called and it was going to be just me going out with him. If it's this easy, I might call him again sometime soon. That damned Mexican.

Throwing away a Coke bottle is a lame excuse for not updating.

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