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November 02, 2000

"I've been called a guiltless sinner..."

Speaking of sinners... oh, no we won't do that.

We went to the Olive Garden tonight. Yummy!!!

I hate it when I get outbid on Ebay at the last second, especially when it's something I really want.

I hope Kristen is okay. I haven't heard from her since early-mid October when she said it'd be pretty easy for her to come to my birthday party. She didn't show and I still have no response to my many emails.

How come they always have these fine ladies on P.I. that are all right-wing, conservative and dumb?

I didn't do so well on my British History midterm. Just means I'm going to have to kick the final's ass. Which won't be hard - I'll just read and study this time.

Screw you guys, I'm voting for Nader.

Jesus. How big is that coke bottle?

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