Well, aren't you lucky?

Look at this, I'm updating and it's only been six days!

I gotta take Ben to the airport tonight. We're going in his car, but I still don't like driving in the rain, especially on the highway. I guess I'll get over it and learn from the experience. Maybe Rodney'll go, and that way I won't have to drive back on my own. Plus, that way we'll get to be on a road trip... kind of. 'Cause ever since Rodney got Mia, I ain't seen him very much. I talked to him last night for the first time in two days, which isn't that much I guess but I'm used to talking to him everyday. Hey, look at me whining like a little bitch. Heh.

I don't think there's much to report. The Broncos won last night, which is good. They're now 4-7, which isn't that good. If they can win all of their remaining games, who knows, maybe they'll make the playoffs. That's a lot to hope for, but since they won the Super Bowl the past two years, I gotta hold onto that hope.

I'm drinking some flavored coffee right now that smells so much better than it tastes. It's so weak it's almost like I'm drinking flavored water. Speaking of water, I think it's just about stupid to buy bottled water. I mean, it comes out of the fucking faucet at your home. Sure, you pay for that, but come on! Two or three bucks for something you can go home and drink for pretty much free? It's like Dennis Miller says on that phone commercial - water's the most abundant resource on the planet and yet people are bottling it and charging outrageous prices. Who's pricing this stuff?

And you know, what is it with atheletes today? If I were in a position where everything I did on or off of the playing field would be noticed, I'd be watching my actions. I most definitely wouldn't be trying to climb through the drive-thru window at Taco Bell. What in the name of god was Dion Rayford thinking? He not only got into the University Daily Kansan, but the story was in many national papers, and even some international ones. I hope he feels pretty stupid right now, because if he doesn't, there's something seriously wrong with him. And of course Taco Bell is loving all the attention - I mean, free publicity for their new product - what more could a national chain ask for?

Alright, enough of that. I'm thinking of spicing up my entries a little bit. Maybe some color? I know I hate a lot of blinking things, so I'll probably stay away from that. Um, I don't think I'll change my font size like Rodney does for new entries. And I doubt I'll change to using borders and stuff like Pamie. And of course I'll never use frames. I hate frames. I really really hate frames. No, you don't understand - I HATE frames!

I have work to do, so why don't you go find something else to do.

"The girl was like teething, always a pain on the back of my mind."

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