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November 27, 2000

ave atque vale

You know, it's a damned shame when friends grow apart. I guess there's no helping it if they take different paths in life... or have been on different paths the whole time - just connecting for a few years.

I was looking back over some of the old emails Rodney sent me. There area couple in there that he wrote when he was really, really mad at me. It's a good thing he doesn't hold a grudge. You gotta really get me steamed for me to hold a grudge, but I certainly will. I know it's not healthy and I should forgive and forget, but if you get me mad enough to hold a grudge against you... well, you better expect me to hold it for a long long time.

I dyed my hair on Saturday. The container said "Rubine", which I guess means reddish with much more pink in it than you'd expect. It's kind of a raspberry color. There's way more pink in it than I wanted but I like it.

Thanksgiving was good. Went to my mom's house at noon and stayed until about four so we could get to Theryn's mom's house at 5. I have to say that Deborah, Theryn's mom, made the better dinner... only because my family ordered food from Furr's Cafeteria rather than put in the effort to cook. My grandparents really like that food so we either go there on Thanksgiving, which is what we did the last two years, or we order food from them. We always go there for family birthday dinners too. I don't dislike the food but it wouldn't be my first choice for any meal. Plus, Furr's put walnuts or some such absurdity on top of their sweet potatoes and Anne, Theryn's step-grandmother, made canned yams with brown sugar and butter - just like I like 'em.

I'm such a slacker. I meant to do loads of homework tonight. What did I do? Played NHL 2001 and watched tv. God dammit. I need motivation.

Man, I almost forgot about the night before Thanksgiving. Theryn, Rodney, Chuck and I all went to the Hurricane to see Dragqueen. It was awesome. On the way home Chuck was driving too fast and then the officer that pulled him over felt that he'd had been drinking too much too. So they searched him and for some reason Chuck had marijuana on him so he went to jail for speeding, DUI, and possesion. We called in the morning to find out what was up since it all happened about 3am, and they said that they didn't set bail on holidays. Chuck spent Thanksgiving in jail. He got out the next day and came to see us. He apologized, but there wasn't a reason for it. He seems to have learned his lesson and never wants to go back to jail. He said it wasn't too bad other than the fact that it was jail. So yeah, poor Chuck.

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