Yeah, I know. I haven't updated for almost two weeks. And to be honest, it'll be a great stroke of luck if this entry gets posted. I just haven't had the urge to write lately. And when I do have it, I don't have time. Although, I do have an itch to update just about every page on my site, but I haven't had the time to do it. I'm thinking that I'll do it this weekend. I still have to scan pictures from my birthday party, and then I'll have to finish updating my picture page(s). I also want to spend some time at the computer lab with Photoshop and maybe make some headers for some pages or something. That'd be cool.

Let's see, what's happened in the past two weeks? Oh! Goldfinger's cover album came out today! As well as Natalie Merchant's live album and video! Rodney and I were at Hastings at midnight last night to buy Goldfinger, and I also got Natalie's cd and video. Fourty-six bucks I laid out for it all! Merry Christmas to me, I guess. I listened to "Darrin's Coconut Ass Live from Omaha" and it fucking rules! I cannot wait for the new Goldfinger album in 2000! And I watched about the first twenty minutes of the Natalie video, but I was really tired and it was late so I went to sleep. Now I can't wait to get home to finish watching it, listen to Goldfinger again, and listen to Natalie's live album! Lucky Rodney gets to listen to Goldfinger all day long in his car while delivering pizzas. Fuck that nee-ha!

As I write this, I'm having a lovely conversation with Megahn, Ben's girlfriend. It's not often that I post conversations I've had on AIM, but I gotta post this one!

Murphy: your boyfriend is mad at his friends

Megahn: why?

Murphy: he didn't understand that last night we were a)only giving him shit b)only saying that we wouldn't have been able to do it, but we understand the wanting to (visiting you) and c)envious that he could have done it, while in a similar situation, none of us could have.

Megahn: well did you clear that up with him yet?

Murphy: no, because he wasn't in a talking mood last night. I figured to do it when he'd cooled down a little bit.

Megahn: that's probably a good idea.

Murphy: yeah

Megahn: i don't think he can be angry for too long at you...you're just to......[murphy] like

Murphy: lol

Murphy: oh yeah?

Murphy: elaborate?

Megahn: you're too loveable and if anyone can be angry at you for more than a week they have no heart

Murphy: aww, that's sweet!:)

Murphy: thank you:)

Isn't she such a wonderful girl?! Quite a find Ben! I'd keep her around for a while!

Let's see. Today I get to go sit in the Advising Center and hope to get an advisor so that I can get my permit to enroll signed so that I can enroll tomorrow. I don't think it's going to be pretty this time. A lot of the classes I'm trying to take are only offered at one time, so I'm guessing a lot of them will be full already. Oh, the joys of being and underclassman. And most of the classes I'm going to try to enroll for are requirement fulfilling classes. Math, for example. I hate math! That's probably why I'm taking Algebra. I've never been good at math, so I hope to get it all over with somewhat early in my college career so that I never have to worry about taking another math class again.

You know, putting a conversation in an entry makes the entry look longer.

And can you believe this weather? Seventy-three degrees and it's NOVEMBER! I love it!

"I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas..."

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